Laugh Tracks: Matt Weinhold Interviews Bobby Slayton

By Staff

<p>Matt Weinhold talks to Bobby Slayton, aka "the pitbull of comedy," about Playboy TV & Foursome: Walk of Shame's biggest fails.</p>

Laugh Tracks is a series featuring two comedians riffing off each other in hilarious conversation. Today, to celebrate Playboy TV’s Season 2 of the ever-debaucherous Foursome: Walk of Shame, we’ve asked two of the show’s comedian commentators, Bobby Slayton and Matt Weinhold, to hang out and make fun of the show’s ultimate fails.

A true “comic’s comic,” Bobby Slayton, aka “The Pitbull of Comedy,” has been delivering his intense brand of stand-up comedy for over 30 years. Audiences around the country will recognize Bobby from his scene-stealing roles in movies like Get Shorty, Ed Wood, Bandits and Dreamgirls. He’s been seen on dozens of television shows including The Tonight Show and Politically Incorrect.

Matt Weinhold has been doing stand-up comedy for over 20 years. He’s headlined at comedy clubs, colleges, private functions and sci-fi conventions all across America. He’s worked for MTV, for the Cartoon Network and the Game Show Network.

Bobby Slayton: First of all, let me start the interview off by apologizing to you for making you do this, because Playboy said, "You guys should interview each other for this new season of Walk of Shame, and I didn’t want to interview anybody. I don’t wanna ask any questions and I think—

Matt Weinhold: You don’t really wanna know about other comics, right? Or people in general.

Slayton: No, not at all. And that’s why I don’t have a podcast because I don’t wanna ask people how they’re doing. And, uh, I don’t really care.

Weinhold: Yeah, and it’s kind of what I like about you. There’s an honesty and charm to that. Now, what I want to know is before we plucked you from…

Slayton: Obscurity. [laughs] Well, let’s just say this, not much. Because if I was doing much, I wouldn’t have done this.   

Weinhold: Let me tell the story of how you got on the show.

Slayton: Okay.

Weinhold: I was walking by the gutter…

Slayton: Yeah.

Weinhold: And there you were. Some words were exchanged…

Slayton: Right.

Weinhold: I gave you a bottle of very, very powerful booze…

Slayton: And a sandwich. 

Weinhold: And we made this happen.

Slayton: Will work for food. Not for Playboy, but for food. [laughs]

Weinhold: Did you have fun doing Foursome: Walk of Shame?

Slayton: You know, it’s hard to make comments about some of the people on Foursome. I mean, the original show is so appalling. But in a good way! The people are appalling! I think Foursome is fascinating, almost like an Ed Wood movie, you know?

Weinhold: Yeah, it does have that Ed Wood quality. Low budget, filmed in 24 hours. And the level of stupidity, self-delusion and unrestrained douchery on display is always impressive.

Slayton: Well, what fascinates me is that you look at Kobe Bryant or Alex Rodriguez, you know, and they have an indiscretion. They cheated on their wives, they did drugs, they used steroids. They’ve made a huge mistake in their lives and they should know better. But after all that, they do end up becoming NBA Hall of Fame guys.

Weinhold: Right.

Slayton: They do become, you know, major baseball players. They’re successful athletes, and a lot of them are smart. But these Foursome people are just 100 percent disasters. It’s not one mistake. Their entire life appears to be a mistake. That’s why the show is so great! But how did Playboy find these people? Did they just have open auditions and talk to people?

Weinhold: They put ads on various sites and on Playboy’s website and they were flocked with people.

Slayton: And it probably didn’t say, "We’re looking for idiots” because nobody would show up.

Weinhold: I think people still would have showed up.

Slayton: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Weinhold: All you gotta do is just set the table.

Slayton: [Laughs] Right. Just tip over the garbage can and the raccoons come out of the forest. That line should be on the show. “Foursome: Just tip over the garbage can and the raccoons will come.” Let me ask you something. Did you see anybody as dumb, I’m sure they all blend together, but the last one that I did with that blonde, who was…

Weinhold: Oh, I know exactly the one you’re talking about. Aneliese.

Slayton: Where they said to her, “Can you tell me something about yourself?” and she says, “I like Whiskey Sours.” Was she the dumbest one out of the 10 episodes? I mean they were all pretty stupid.

Weinhold: I think she was the dumbest. Now, what I want to know is what would have needed to happen in your career for you to have appeared on the original Foursome?

Slayton: [Laughs] I don’t think anybody would want me on the show. I actually would have done it if I knew I could get laid. You know, usually I wouldn’t cheat on my wife because I’m afraid of getting caught, but I would fuck one of those girls and I don’t think my wife would ever find out, because I don’t think she would ever watch the show.

Weinhold: Do you subscribe to Playboy TV?

Slayton: I think it’s on our thing, I think. But she wouldn’t watch it. But one of her friends would, so.

Weinhold: They always find out.

Slayton: They always find out. Yeah, they find out.

Weinhold: All right. So, before we go any further with this, tell us a little bit about you.

Slayton: Oh, me?

Weinhold: You are “The Pit Bull of Comedy” and…

Slayton: Oh, yeah, we gotta do the…

Weinhold: Yeah, you know, that stuff.

Slayton: Interview stuff.

Early in my career, when I was living in San Francisco and you were my opening act—

Weinhold: Good times.

Slayton: Back then, I was one of the biggest supporters of Playboy Magazine. And I would always get shit from feminists or lesbians, and now I think it’s kind of benign. People now realize that it’s a good magazine…and when I used to say I read Playboy for the articles, I did. I read the articles. There were great interviews, there were great sports pics; there were great stories, all kinds of good stuff.

Weinhold: Yeah, entertainment and tech and…

Slayton: Entertainment, clothes, cars. But, you know, you got these—these women, not so much pinhead women but more of the hardcore lesbian, feminist, bull dyke, and I mean this all in a good way, kind of women.

Weinhold: [Laughs]

Slayton: And the fact that they dug in their heels, if they wore heels, or they dug in their Birkenstocks. [laughs] Them hating the magazine made me love it even more. Hef was a First Amendment champion in everything he put together, which I think still is great today.

Weinhold: He was a trailblazer.

Slayton: Trailblazer still today. And even though he’s living with four women who all together probably don’t add up to his age, God bless him and God bless America. That’s what it’s all about. That’s a great way to end the interview.

Season 2 of Foursome Walk of Shame premieres Saturday, February 15, 2014. Watch for it on! You can follow Bobby Slatyon and Matt Weinhold on Twitter.


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