Pretty Fly for a Tall Guy

By Staff

Never fear, big guy. Online retailer Longshot Apparel caters to the tall-and-fit man.

Being tall sometimes isn’t easy. Standing out in a crowd, being mistaken for a NBA player, having to duck before entryways, not being able to hear what your shorter friends are saying, struggling to find clothes that not only fit but are stylish—these things happen when you’re tall. Longshot Apparel can help with that last one. The online retailer prides itself for a tailored taller fit. It’s the only thing they do. Launched in 2009 by a tall guy and two women, Longshot Apparel is to the tall-and-fit man what Big-and-Tall is to husky tall guys. So long to the days of oversized shirts. Their woven shirts can be dressed up or down and come in three styles: gingham, oxford and twill. Still looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Longshot Apparel also has free shipping.


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