Playboy Retro: Inspired by Marilyn

By Staff

<p><p>In this <i>Playboy Retro </i>w<i>e're </i>looking at some of the women and photo shoots inspired by Marilyn Monroe. </p><br></p>

There’s only one Marilyn Monroe, but over the last 60 years a variety of actresses, models and celebrities have captured her look, style and personality. Her impact is huge on pop culture in general, but as our first centerfold she’s had a special influence on Playboy. In this Retro we’re looking at some of the women and photo shoots inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

Miss August 1954 Arline Hunter made a career out of her physical resemblance to Marilyn.. Consisting of only a few photos, her shoot was meant as a tribute to Marilyn’s own Playboy appearance.Arline continued to model throughout the 1950s and ’60s and appeared in B movies such as Outer Space Jitters and Sex Kittens Go to College—she also stripped in a short burlesque film called The Apple-Knockers and the Coke, which to this day is still mislabeled as starring a naked Marilyn Monroe.  


Actress Linda Kerridge made a living off her resemblance to Marilyn; she studied her films to emulate Marilyn’s speech and mannerisms and went on to play Marilyn-like characters in the movies Fade to Black and Go West, Young Man. Linda brought some of her sexy chameleon magic to the pages of Playboy for a special shoot where she was decked out as the silver screen siren.

As Playmate of the Month for January 1998 and Playmate of the Year for 1999, Heather Kozar is a legend in her own right. The Midwestern stunner from Akron, Ohio not only reached the heights of Playboy but was also one of “Barker’s Beauties” on the game show The Price is Right, a model in campaigns for clients like BMW, and the muse for a series of paintings from superstar artist Jeff Koons. In 1999 the curvy blonde shot Playboy’s Remembering Marilyn, encapsulating Marilyn’s vivacious presence.

Marilyn Monroe left us decades ago; however, her spirit lives on through the ravishing women in the gallery above.


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