Megan Fox Squares off Against James Bond and Playboy

By Staff

Megan Fox is set to Square off against James Bond and Playboy at this year's Carnival in Brazil.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Megan Fox, 007’s Daniel Craig and Playboy? Well, that hypothetical question may be answered at this year’s Carnival in Brazil where they’ve all been pitted against each other to promote three very different beers that will be served at this year’s festivities. Just today, Latin America’s largest brewer, Ambev, hired Megan Fox as its spokeswoman for the duration of Carnival, while it has been rumored that Daniel Craig will be representing the Heineken brand. But what’s this talk of Playboy? Tokyo-based beer company Kirin will be selling their Playboy-branded brew in Brazil with hopes to further the popularity of their blonde ale in other countries. It’s tough to say who will come out on top since all three have ways to entice beer drinkers to their brand. You wouldn’t want to disappoint a sexpot like Megan Fox, heaven forbid you ever cross 007 and what wouldn’t you do to be closer to the Playboy lifestyle? Who knew drinking beer could ever be this tough…


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