Megan Fox Teaches Us a Few Lessons in 7 of her Sexiest Roles

By Staff

Megan Fox; stripped down, undressed and kissing another girl.

There are so many reasons to love the sexy and stunning Megan Fox, so rather than wax poetic about one of the hottest actresses in the world, we decided to take a deeper look into her body (of work).

Not only is Megan a gorgeous face on the most perfectly executed physique, with legs to here and breasts to there, it turns out that Megan is also an educator. There is a depth to her acting that we may not have noticed before; there are layers to her roles, be they nude, topless or lingerie-clad. All this time we were focused on her body, yet there was Megan, acting, teaching, leading us to become better people. We took seven of our favorite and sexiest Megan Fox videos and read between the lines.

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Sex scene in The Dictator

Lesson Learned: Prostitution is acceptable. Cuddling is not.

Kissing Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body

Lesson Learned: Jennifer’s Body is not based on a true story. Unless it was from sheer delight, no living being would scream when finding Megan Fox in their bed. Oh, and Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried kissing can make any movie watchable.

Armani Ad

Lesson Learned: Paying for room service with a show of putting on your jeans is an acceptable form of compensation.

Another Armani Ad

Lesson Learned: This didn’t teach us anything. But it’s Megan Fox nearly nude, doing some type of topless downward dog yoga position, and that’s good enough for us.

Megan Fox Cosmopolitan Magazine Shoot

Lesson Learned: When placing a woman in a skintight dress and asking her about being a badass, Cosmopolitan becomes a virulent platform for feminist ideals. And just an all-around much more readable magazine.

Esquire Shoot

Lesson Learned: A white button-down dress shirt is provacative. We may never look at Ray in Accounting the same way.

In other news, it turns out chicken is a very sexy food.

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Lesson Learned: Jumping in the pool is a perfectly satisfactory way to cross a dinner party. Also, pools are cold; watch for sharp nipples.

Are You Kidding? Her Sexiest Role Is…

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