Spring Fashion 2014: Accessories

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>You need the right accessories to put together the perfect outfit. Find out what you need in our men’s fashion for 2014 series. </p>

Yesterday we went through the broad strokes of what’s happening in men’s style for this spring, and the news is guys’ fashion is taking a relaxed turn. If you’re embracing the more casual approach, accessories become even more important to set yourself apart. We’re here to highlight the hottest accessories you need to conquer 2014.

Satchels, Bags and Duffels

(Courtesy LuisaViaroma.com & Barbour.com)

Ascend to the peak of fashion and have something to carry your must-haves around with a man bag. Be it a satchel, a messenger bag, a sports bag or a duffel, masculine bags are stylish, but above all they’re practical. Pick a bag to tote your tablet, flask and work papers, all the while looking sharp. Swap your backpack or briefcase for the Dolce & Gabbana Brushed Leather Cross Body Bag. Made from kangaroo skin, its rich leather is a treat for the eyes, plus it’s surprisingly roomy without being bulky. If you need something for hitting the gym or a carry-on for your next short-haul flight, the Barbour Wax Holdall is a duffel bag that changes lives. Constructed of robust waxed cotton with antique brass fittings and a tartan lining, it’s a sharp and functional piece which will always be in vogue.


(Courtesy Vacheron-Constantin.com & LordandTaylor.com)

Due to factors like price and the time craftsmanship takes, the trends in watches move in longer cycles than the seasonal fluctuations of other accessories. That said, it is possible to spot some developments and give you the 411 on what you need around your wrist. Large pieces with many dials, sub dials and gems have been prominent and that kind of bling has its place, but designers are moving in slimmer and more streamlined directions this year. The Vacheron Constantin Caliber 1731, named for the year Vacheron Constantin was born, is straightforward and sophisticated. Made of 18 karat rose gold, it’s the world’s thinnest manual-winding minute repeater. Black watch faces with a black strap continue to be on-trend. The 88 Rue Du Rhone Men’s Chronograph is an elegant option and it’s surprisingly affordable.


(Courtesy Barneys.com)

Thanks to our trend forecaster, you’re already well aware that chunkier suits are all the buzz. Formal wear calls for a wider tie: three to three and a quarter inches should do the trick. The laid-back Brooks Brothers Micro Dot Tie chills out without being boring. Don’t stress about patterns; the 2014 swing to understated style means you should just focus on matching the tie to your outfit. If you do want to subtly jazz it up, go for a tie with textured fabric such as the Brioni Jacquard Stripe Tie. Don’t throw your collection of skinny ties out yet, though; a skinny tie elevates every casual ensemble, makes you look taller and draws the eyes of discerning women your way. Pick up an Yves Saint Laurent Print Solid Tip Skinny Tie for your next night out at the club.


(Courtesy WarbyParker.com)

The vogue for chunky retro-inspired Buddy Holly horn-rims keeps enduring, and for good reason. Horn-rims have retro appeal and their heft compliments many face types. With the sartorial shift toward understatement, horn-rims’ time might be up. Fortunately, you can split the difference between horn-rims and more minimal specs with a pair of half-frame browlines. The new 2014 Tennessee Whiskey Browlines from Warby Parker are modern enough to be chic and retro enough to be classic. For those who want their glasses to see more than what’s in front of them, Google Glass, the infamous computer system built into a pair of eyewear, is being released to the general public this year. The test devices Google sold to a select group of early adopters are purely functional, but now the tech giant’s teamed up with designer Isabelle Olsson to produce frames that’ll make Google Glass pleasing to the eye.

Cuff Links

(Courtesy Dunhill.com)

“God is in the details,” the saying goes, so become a fashion god by perfecting the little touches when you accessorize. When dressing to the nines, never neglect to pop on a pair of cuff links. Since cuff links are small, feel free to buck the year’s simplicity trend and wear some eye grabbers like the Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fibre Cufflinks. Throwing on the suit for a crazy night out? We now live in a brave new world where Saks Fifth Avenue sells Googly Eye Cuff Links …they may not be the best option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. When you hit the casino, consider the Paul Smith Playing Card Cuff Links, and when it’s time for making a statement snap on the Paul Smith OMG Cuff Links.


(Courtesy FarFetch.com)

A wide variety of belt styles showed up on the runways this season, but no single trend dominated. We recommend the straightforward but beautiful Fendi Black Selleria Belt. Hand-stitched in Italy and made of textured Cuoio Romano calfskin with a silver metal buckle, it works with everything. If you wish to pump up the color, the Dolce & Gabbana Navy Blue Leather Classic Belt does more than keep your pants up. It’s a soft touch of flair without being gauche: the navy blue is muted but effective for contributing to the outfit. And the signature logo buckle is classic and prominent while managing not to overwhelm your midsection.

Our Spring Fashion 2014 series continues tomorrow as we examine what’s in for grooming.


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