Before It Was Vintage

By staff

New book, Icons of Men's Style, details the fashion staples that epitomized the well-dressed man.

Flipping through the pages of Josh Sims’s Icons of Men’s Style is sort of like opening up a time machine to find out why you’re here and why you look the way you do. That is, of course, assuming you’re not of the crooked neon hat, high-tops, hipster sort of dude (if that’s the case, stick the book on your makeshift coffee table to show you understand fashion but are instead choosing to subvert cultural conventions).

Sims takes a comprehensive, piece-by-piece look at the history and evolution of garments and accessories that represent the touchstones of the classic well-dressed man. Featuring an iconic photo of Gregory Peck on the cover, the book itself even feels like a stylish accessory. At just under $20, you or someone you know could probably use this as a refresher course on why chicks dig well-dressed men, and why you don’t need to be a metro-sexual to dress like one.


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