Spring Fashion 2014: Grooming

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>Look sharp this spring with our Fashion 2014 grooming guide. </p>

This is the final installment in our three-part guide to men’s fashion trends for spring 2014. Previously we forecasted the trends to watch for and the must-have accessories and today Playboy.com gives you the 411 on grooming. Guys’ fashion is easygoing this season, but that doesn’t mean you should let it all hang out—spruce yourself up with the grooming tips below.

The Neat Beard

The New York Times Fashion and Style section once claimed that the potbelly was the new, hip look. Needless to say, it wasn’t, it’s not and it never will be, but their recent headline, “Brooklyn Beard Goes Mainstream,” is bang on. A neatly groomed beard is chic and acceptable everyplace from the indie rock concert to the office. If you lost out in the facial hair genetic lottery, however, don’t sprout a patchy mess or, worse, pay a plastic surgeon $7,000 for a beard transplant—yes, it’s a thing.

The Straight Razor

(Courtesy TheMotley.com)

Can’t get behind the beard? Don’t go half-assed with stubble or compromise with a mustache (except in Movember); the clean shave is your best bet. This decade has seen a resurgence of the traditional barbering arts with high-end barbershops offering luxurious shaves with a straight razor. Treat yourself to a pro shave, then take it further by wielding your own straight razor daily. It’s the only way to have the perfect smooth, fresh face. It takes some practice, but once you wield the right blade for a few days you’ll be a master. Our pick is the Dovo Black Handle  5/8" Straight Razor, Dovo’s been making fine blades for more than a century and this is a fine example of their craft.

The Hairstyle

For spring 2014, easygoing is à la mode so let your hairstyle reflect that. Try what we’re calling the semi-bedhead: Keep it cleaner on the sides with a little more volume on top. Add just a bit of sculpting cream so that your hair has texture and make it a touch messy. Don’t go overboard; keep it tidy. For a slick cut that’s still relaxed and easy to maintain, get regal with the Caesar. Have your barber neatly trim your sides and back while you rock bangs and some longer hair up top. The effect is a square shape that’ll emphasize the strong masculine features of your face. If neither of these appeal to you and you want to let it all hang out, feel free to go a tad shaggy, but stop short of full Woodstock.

The Right Scent

(Courtesy AnchorandArrow.net)

Chipper, brighter colognes are on their way out for more traditionally masculine heavy and dark scents. Look for a weightier cologne that still has the potential to be used subtly. Paco Rabanne’s BlackXS Potion’s lighter pear and juniper notes are modern and attention-grabbing while the dusky rum and cashmeran wood base notes impart a manly edge. Another option is Portland General Store’s Whiskey Cologne. No, it doesn’t smell like your favorite libation, but it does have some of the opulent oak wood tones of your favorite single malt. Made from natural ingredients and hand blended in small batches, it’s an updated take on a classic 1920s recipe.

The Body Treatments

The metrosexual is passé; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself. Find a spa that specializes in men and get a facial/massage/detox package. The skin treatments and stress reduction will add to your handsome appeal for days after. Just skip the waxing. Many places offer the so-called boyzillian to give your intimate areas the hairless pornstar look, but bush is back, and not only for women. If you really need to tame the area, just trim a bit with a pair of scissors (and yes, getting rid of some hair down there makes it look bigger, plus your lady will have easier access).


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