Sex, Drugs and Guns in the Heart of Moose Country

By George Gurley

We take you to Wasilla, Alaska for a trip around the voluptuous curves of Levi's little sister and the girl who almost became Bristol Palin's sister-in-law.

Mercede Johnston is breaking out of her brother’s shadow as she appears in an alluring 4-page nude pictorial in Playboy’s September issue (issue on newsstands, online at, and on Friday, August 12.

The 19-year-old Mercede Johnston, known as “Sadie” to her friends, sat down with Playboy contributing editor George Gurley to dish about the famous Alaskan family that nearly became her brother’s in-laws.

Here’s a sampling of some of Sadie’s revelations:

On the Palin’s decision to thrust Levi into the spotlight in 2008: “Not once did Sarah contact us and say, ‘Is this okay?’  She literally took Levi from a hunting trip and flew him to the Republican convention.  He didn’t have a choice.  I don’t blame John McCain – this is all Sarah Palin.  She didn’t have to announce on stage that Bristol was pregnant.  She doesn’t care, as long as she’s going to the top.  But it’s screwed my whole family up.  Levi was a prop, and once they didn’t need him he was out the door.”

On Levi and Bristol’s reengagement in 2010: “I don’t think Bristol wanted to be with him whatsoever, not at all.  It was all about her using her body to get Levi to retract his statements, and it worked…They only wanted them back together so they could control Levi, have him say he lied so no one would believe what he said and no one would believe Levi again…Everyone who knows Levi knows everything he said was true and then some.”

On Sarah’s political capabilities: “I think she’d have had a mental breakdown is she was elected [president].  As governor she quit on us.  What does that say about her?  Is she prepared to govern the whole country?  Absolutely not.  She can’t even answer Katie Couric’s questions.”

On whether or not Sarah is a good mother: “She’s never there for [her kids].  She doesn’t make her kids go to school.  She’d rather parade them around and put on a show at book signings or conventions.”


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