Peru's Midsummer Night's Dream Party

By Playboy Staff

The Midsummer Night's Dream party travels to Lima. See all the sexy pics!

The hottest party on the planet is Hef’s pajama-and-lingerie bacchanal, the Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Mansion. Its sister parties around the world are no exception.

Joining 15 Peruvian Bunnies, Playmates Lauren Anderson, Shanna MacLaughlin, Kara Monaco and Irina Voronina turned out for Lima, Peru’s take on Hollywood’s Midsummer event. While the attire at Villa Verde de Chorrillos skewed more black tie than PJ-themed, the photos confirm the party more than lived up to Mansion standards.

Check out the photo gallery (right) and see how Playmates party in Peru.


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