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The Twisties Invade Playboy
  • April 09, 2011 : 20:04
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The sexy new shooter 3rd Birthday for PSP is out and the "Twisted" have invaded. The only hope lies with Aya Brea, a CTI (Counter Twisted Intelligence) agent sent back in time to stop the menace. Of course, she can't do it on her own. We enlisted the help of Playboy Special Editions model Nadia Larysa, Cyber Girl of the Month Stephanie Olson and Smoking Jacket models Kelly Marie and Danielle Hunt, who each took a spin to try to save the world. Check out the video for a taste of the fun and check out 3rd Birthday, out now for your PSP.

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  • Anonymous
    That looks so fun my PSP just could survive the air time-,- Is there long lasting PSP's?
  • Anonymous
    And its made by Square Enix I'm SO Jelous!!