Fly in Style

By Playboy Staff

The Icon A5 allows amateur and veteran pilots to adventure in style.

Personal aircraft has been around for the last 50 years. But stylish, high-end personal aircraft? That’s where Icon comes in. The light-sport plane manufacturer is trying to make personal flight mainstream with its line of sleek, futuristic-looking planes. The Icon A5, which starts at about $139,000, is to personal sport aircraft what a Ferrari is to a sports car or a Yamaha FX Cruiser SO is to personal watercraft. The propeller plane is designed to deliver, and so far has catered to a varied customer base that includes licensed and amateur pilots to plain old thrill seekers looking to tackle a new adventure. With folding wings that make transport easy, the A5 is built for the land, air and water. Founded in 2005 by Kirk Hawkins, a former Air Force fighter pilot, Icon is backed by a group of designers and engineers with backgrounds in the aerospace to automotive industries, including BMW and Rolls-Royce.


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