Mothers and Daughters Who Have Posed for Playboy

By Staff

<p>With Mother's Day around the corner, we shine the spotlight on the mother's and daughters who have posed for Playboy. <br></p>

The beauty gene is always passed from mother to daughter, especially in the case of our Playmates. It all started in 1989, when Simone Eden, daughter of Miss December 1960 Carol Eden, appeared as our centerfold in the February 1989 issue. While there have only been a few mother/daughter Playmates, the most famous being Miss May 2009 Crystal McCahill and her mother, Miss August 1968 Gale Olson, there have been quite a few mothers and daughters who have posed for the brand throughout the years. “My mom is very supportive of my work,” McCahill said when she was interviewed for her magazine spread. “She’s so excited for me.”

And rightly so!

Then in 2009, we proved that our Playmates’ daughters carry out the legacy of their beauty when we asked six women to pose for Playboy just like their mothers did some years ago. Check out the gallery below to see the mothers and daughters who have bared all! For the girls who are not linked, check out the Playmate Daughters feature!


1) Miss March 1976 Ann Pennington 2) Cybergirl Caitlin Ann 3) Miss August 1971 Cathy Rowland 4) Kimberly Rowland 5) Miss August 1968 Gale Olson 6) Miss May 2009 Crystal McCahill 7) Miss February 1955 Jayne Mansfield 8) Jayne Marie Mansfield 9) Miss December 1984 Karen Velez 10) Nikki Majors 11) Miss May 1985 Kathy Shower 12) Melonie Schaurer 13) Miss February 1969 Lorrie Menconi 14) Ashlee Ricci 15) Miss December 1960 Carol Eden 16) Miss February 1989 Simone Eden 17) Miss May 1964 Terri Kimball 18) Cybergirl Farrah Mancini


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