Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

By Staff

<p>Show your mom some love. Here are 11 treats she'll adore.</p>

It’s not every day you get born. That day was pretty exceptional—there’s only one of you, after all. But it’s also not every woman who could deal with you over the course of your sweet lifetime. That’s right. You know where this is going. Here’s the calendar date so you don’t forget it: Sunday May 11, 2014 is Mother’s Day.

Don’t let the date slip your mind; don’t forget the woman who brought you into this world. She put up with your diaper phase and your teenage Rage Against the Machine phase and that problem you had with video games being addictive and the never leaving the basement phase. She saw you through thick and thin and she taught you to be the great man you’ve become. Now it’s your turn to give a little and celebrate the number one woman in your life.

Show her how much you cherish her. Here are 11 thoughtful gifts to shower your mother with.



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