Shave It Off: A How-To Guide

By Zina Rahman

With Movember running down to its last hair, it's time for some much needed damage control. Allow Cybergirl Lauren Elise to guide you through proper shaving protocol that will keep your girl happy.

Living in a post-Movember world can be confusing. Having spent a month exerting much physical energy growing a patch of hair on our upper lips, and even more mental energy defending said patch of hair—all in the name of a GOOD CAUSE—we are then made to feel like pariahs if we sport it for even a single day beyond the edge of November.

Our wives and girlfriends have a month’s worth of friction burns and enough ire to cut the cause of it from our faces, flesh and all. So what do we do?

We face the music and shave the damned thing off, and make sure we do it with expert precision. We know how hard it can be to get the perfect shave, especially with all that pressure on your shoulders. So we took our girl Lauren Elise and her fella to Bolt Barbers for the very closest shave she could muster.

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