The Ultimate Gentleman: Movember, Weeds and My Bloody Valentine

By Staff

<p>My Bloody Valentine tickets, Weeds on Blu-Ray and the best Movember accessories top this week's Ultimate Gentleman list. <br></p>

Just because Movember is upon us doesn’t mean we can get away with scruffy facial hair at work. Keep your facial hair—and the rest of your face, for that matter—looking like the rock star you are with Triumph and Disaster’s Stash Box. The four-piece set, based on classic apothecary kits, is ideal for Movember grooming, and makes a great gift, too (hint: Christmas). The box includes Triumph and Disaster’s Old Fashioned Shave Cream, a Badger Hair Shave Brush, some Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub, and Gameface Moisturizer. The box will set you back about $165 and is available on

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you’ve got to lay your hands on the best accessories to carve up your turkey. Even if you aren’t the man at the head of the table this year, Joseph Joseph’s complete carving set is a necessity for every kitchen. The set combines its trusty magnetic carving knife and fork, as well as the cut and carve non-slip board that not only keeps your fowl in place with its integrated meat grip, but also doubles as a chopping board when you flip it over. The set runs for about $65 and is available on

The 2013 wide release of the movie Big Sur has gotten us into a rambling wanderer mode. All we want to do lately is hit the road and escape the responsibilities of real life with a pack on our back and a friend by our side… and obviously a guitar, too. We plan on packing our trusty six-string in a Georgia Brown leather guitar case from Whipping Post. Made from 100 percent full grain leather, this gorgeous case is equipped with straps, stainless steel clasps, high-intensity foam padding and a lifetime warranty. It’ll run you about $825 but we think this work of art is worth the investment. Check it out at

Many a man would say they there’s a lot to be said for a good strain of weed and a hot, independent woman. On TV, of course. We’re thrilled that Showtime’s just released their hit series Weeds as a limited edition Blu-Ray and UltraViolet set with lots of bonus content of the apple of our eye, Mary-Louise Parker, that includes a rather racy “Nancy’s Sexcapades” featurette, a round table with the cast and, of course, the entire series. Buy your own on for $70.

Photo by: Idiotchalk. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Shoegaze sweethearts My Bloody Valentine will be playing two back-to-back shows at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on November 11th and 12th to support their follow-up to their 1991 album Loveless, entitled MBV. You’ll need to invest in some earplugs or, as many of our colleagues are bringing, industrial headphones to ensure their massive, larger-than-life sound won’t be the last thing you hear. Doors open at eight, save your seat at


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