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Movie Review: Getaway
  • August 30, 2013 : 00:08
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Director: Courtney Solomon
Rating: PG-13
Studio: Dark Castle Entertainment
Stars: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight

Getaway isn’t really a movie. It’s a chaotic, badly filmed 90 minutes of wall-to-wall car chases, spinouts, wrecks, stunt pileups—Grade C boom/crash porn for audiences challenged by the subtleties and plot complexities of a Fast and Furious flick. As directed by Courtney Solomon (An American Haunting), the script by Gregg Maxwell Parker and Sean Finegan has retired pro racer Ethan Hawke causing fender benders and pandemonium while zooming at top speed around the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria in a stolen, tricked-out Ford Shelby Super Snake. All the while, he's being commanded by phone by an anonymous disembodied voice (Jon Voight, or at least his mouth and nostrils) warning him to do exactly as he’s told or his wife (Rebecca Budig) will be iced. Hawke drives at 100 mph through red lights, down wrong ways, smashing into trucks and slaughtering unseen pedestrians—you know, sort of like Grand Theft Auto. Apparently hoping to break up the monotony, the hero and the audience get stuck with teen carjacker and computer ace Selena Gomez, whose character turns out to be just another pawn in a deadly, if predictable, game. It’s a rigged game too, of course, since Sofia is, in this flick anyway, a city completely without helicopters, cell phones or police scanners to detect the whereabouts of our beleaguered hero. Hawke, cast as “Brent Magna,” no less, is grim and credible even under the low-rent, sub-Taken circumstances. Gomez is all pout and pose with nothing under the hood; she comes off not so much as a rebel but as a spoiled brat whose parents, like, totally cut off her credit. Getaway pretty much strips its gears in its first 10 numbing, humorless minutes but drives relentlessly on the low road for another 80. We'd suggest taking an alternate route.

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