Movie Review: Wanderlust

By Stephen Rebello

Wanderlust doesn't have much new to say, but it's fast, vulgar, forgettable fun.

Director: David Wain MPAA Rating: R Studio: Universal Pictures

For some, Wanderlust may just be the latest Jennifer Aniston movie to be announced (or widely rumored anyway) as the film in which the star will go topless, but in the end, doesn’t. Talk about a played-out bait and switch.

What does happen in the raunchy R-rated comedy is Aniston and Paul Rudd generating chemistry and laughs as the Gergenblatts, a pair of New York yuppie “micro-loft” dwellers who go stone broke and wind up in Elysium, a hippie-dippie, free-loving, peyote-smoking woodsy commune that doubles as a bed and breakfast.

Refugees from the rat race, the formerly ultra-cool Gergenblatts start getting loose and funky – to a point – among the merry bunch of quirky freethinkers and their folk-singing, drug-doing, organic farming. It’s old, caricatured, time-worn Hollywood stuff, sure, but pretty enjoyable all the same.

The movie, co-written with Ken Marino and directed by David Wain (Role Models) finds the ridiculously likeable and photogenic Rudd and Aniston in good form among a supporting cast that includes a dead-on hilarious turn from Justin Theroux as the commune’s dreadlocked, studly alpha dude who puts the moves on Aniston, Malin Akerman as the group’s sex goddess ever willing to unstring up the tightly-wound Rudd, Joe Lo Truglio as a clothing optional winemaker-writer perfectly comfortable letting it all hang out and Alan Alda as the group’s aging, stoner founder.

Wanderlust doesn’t have much new to say but it’s fast, vulgar, forgettable fun.

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