Music Review: Bloc Party's Four

By Staff

Bloc Party came out with a new album Four, despite the fact that 2005 was the last time the post-punk revival was in full swing.We wish we could get into it, but we just can’t.

It’s 2005. Blink-182 just went on indefinite hiatus, Billy Corgan announced that he wants to reform The Smashing Pumpkins and Korn’s guitarist Brian Welch left the band after converting to Christianity. In 2012 The Smashing Pumpkins have released their fourth album minus all of the actual members of the band save for Corgan, Blink-182 are touring for their 20th anniversary and, yes, even Brian Welch played with Korn again. Oh yeah, and Bloc Party came out with a new album, despite the fact that 2005 was the last time the post-punk revival was in full swing.

We talked with two of the members while they were touring this summer and noted that the internet seems to be really psyched about the album Four. Not knowing much about the album, we asked, “Do you want to talk a bit about it?” to which they replied, “What, talk about how amazing we are?” They told us that they were all refreshed after having had such a long break but still seemed bummed about everything or incredibly arrogant. Or maybe it’s just good old English charm?

We have a soft spot for throwback albums, and there are a few tracks on Four that bring us back to the wild days of the post-punk resurgence, but others are just muddy attempts at stadium anthems at best. We enjoyed the opening track, “So He Begins to Lie,” which really catches any fan’s attention and is a great opener for the album with its robust sound. “Team A” is incredible all around and really shows off Kele’s unique vocal work, but tracks like “Day Four” and “The Healing” made us want to turn off the album. Maybe there’s something odd with the track order, because the flow from song to song seemed jagged.

The album marks the first time the band has ever picked where they’ve recorded (New York); they noted while talking with us that they’ve recorded every single album out of a different country, which, “just kind of happened. We asserted ourselves a bit more this time in terms of recording.” It’s great to hear the band back together again after such a long hiatus and look forward to bands that come out of the woodwork after being inspired by their sound, but we’re going to skip the fanfare that will take place over the next few weeks over Four. We wish we could get into it, but we just can’t.


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