Music Review: Drake's Take Care

By Vanessa Butler

Drake's new album Take Care shows us a new side of the rapper we're happy to meet.

Not to date myself, but when told back in 2006, that Jimmy from Degrassi had a rap album coming out I believe my words were, “This makes me feel embarrassed and sad.” I now admit  this is one of those rare times I may have been wrong.

The track record of television personas turned musician is a morbidly hilarious list of celebrities hoping their records were just awful enough to be forgotten. Instead, Drake rose above, took all of the hesitant music enthusiasts by surprise and released one of the best albums of that year. Years later with a few award wins under his belt, Drake is releasing his highly anticipated album ‘Take Care’ today in stores. If you’re expecting Drake’s sophomore album to soundtrack nights you spend driving around downtown LA in luxurious cars or spraying models with 10,000 dollar champagne, you’re sorely mistaken.

This album is best listened to on more low key nights at home, say, crying over an ex while drinking her favorite white wine or laying on a couch reflecting on a life full of expensive commodities and little else. Drake’s album is grim, it’s bare and it’s beautiful. In the spoken word intro to ‘Crew Love’ Drake pretty much spells out exactly what this album is about when he says, “Make this an open letter about family and struggle/About it taking forever/About hearts that you’ve broken and ties that you’ve severed.”

I have to commend Drake on a couple of things. One, for opening  doors on behalf of the impending ‘emo-rap’ takeover our pop culture will face when his album hits.  And two, for not relying on the quirks which made his album Thank Me Later. Take Care is a new kind of post fame album that shies away from the idea that once you have something that works, don’t try to push further. Drake’s openness to trying new things musically and being okay with refining his rapping while adding  depth and intelligence to his rhymes, will hit a chord with listeners. It takes a young artist to break the mold of a music genre and this talented rapper was ready to take the plunge.

Best Tracks

Over my Dead Body, Headlines, Take Care, Lord Knows, Make Me Proud

Skip These

Cameras/Good Ones Go,  Marvin’s Room (We like the Jo Jo remix better.), The Real Her (Andre3000 could’ve saved this track, but his rap starts 4 minutes in which is way after you hit skip.), The Ride

Best Feature:

I know it sound obvious, but it’s definitely Rihanna and Jamie XX on the feature track Take Care.

Best Shout Out: 

Weezy & Stunna my only role models / Hef and Jordan my only role models / that’s why I walk around with all this gold on - Lord Knows ft. Rick Ross

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