An Hour with Epic Meal Time


We recount the hour we spent with the Epic Meal Time guys. Sadly, we didn't eat any bacon strips.

“Why do you do this?” asked the journalist beside me. The room erupted in laughter. “Uh, it’s the fucking internet. Why did you watch 2 Girls 1 Cup?”

Known collectively as Epic Meal Time, six 20-somethings who look like the cool guys from college have been “cooking” insane amounts of high-calorie food, netting about 441 million hits for their now famous YouTube account. They explain, “2012 allows us to do this; everyone has an inner fat-ass.” The press call I attended promised “Epic munchies and refreshments,” which brought visions of artery-clogging hors d'oeuvres. Battered bacon balls deep fried with a Jack Daniel’s glaze perhaps? Instead, when I arrived I was handed a beer from a cooler, instructed to sit on a foldout chair and began (maybe) a staring match with Muscles Glasses, who was wearing mirrored aviators. In front of him were burgers, an entire roasted chicken, a box of doughnuts, poutine, buns and bacon. “If we knew how to cook, it wouldn’t look like this,” explained the anointed talker of the group, Harley Morenstein, as he massaged the various foods together into a pile. “If you like all of these things and mix it all together, it tastes real better.”

Suffice it to say, the promised “munchies” were a few loaded doughnut-bacon-hamburger hybrids passed around the room. I had to pass because, well, I’m just not that adventurous. Maybe if Mei-Ling were there she would’ve jumped at the chance to try something prepared by the Epic Meal Time crew, but I just couldn’t bring myself to bite into a sticky sandwich two other people had already gorged on.

Things are looking good for the guys who began their cult videos planning to do a six-day workout and then stuff themselves silly on their cheat day. “Like every workout, we started on the cheat day,” explained Morenstein, “and just so you guys know, we’ve collectively gained 160 pounds.” The group is currently in the works with EMT to develop Epic Meal Time, The Movie and have recently signed with Collective Digital Studios. The boys will be heading back to their home in Quebec to perform at the Just for Laughs Festival, where they promise nine dead animals and a conversation on how the internet is what it is and how to make a living off it.


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