Never Sleep: Miami

By Playboy Magazine

Miami has hot days and even hotter nights!

As if you needed an excuse to go to Miami, the newly minted Miami Marlins will debut this spring in baseball’s newest cathedral, Marlins Park. So go for the game and stay for the indigenous mayhem, which like New York City’s and Las Vegas’s stretches long into the next morning.

7 PM

Baseball may be the national pastime, but jai alai (pronounced “hi-lie”), is the local pastime. A mix of lacrosse and squash, the game involves players whipping handmade balls in excess of 100 miles per hour at a wall via handmade baskets (called cestas). Check it out at the Miami Jai-Alai Fronton, near the airport.

9:10 PM

Courtesy of: The Forge Facebook

Dinner, like everything else in Miami, is best served late. The Forge combines top-notch food and wine with a hint of grit—legend has it that in the 1980s drug dealers would frequently destroy the restaurant’s private dining rooms. Money for repairs was included in the cash tip.

11 PM

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Get your Crockett and Tubbs fix at the South Beach standard Club Deuce, where much of the neon lighting is the handiwork of Miami Vice set designers.

12:35 AM

Courtesy of: LIV Facebook

LIV will bring the evening’s excess. Situated in the Fontainebleau Hotel—a Sinatra favorite—the nightclub pulses with crowds until daybreak.

4:40 AM

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Follow the staggering masses over to Big Pink, which happily takes in the South Beach postmidnight spillover and properly nourishes them with an assortment of traditional breakfast options.

7 AM

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Leave the caffeine, however, to Las Olas Café—the best option in Miami for Cuban coffee (a.k.a. rocket fuel), the only way to steady yourself for the day ahead.


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