Music Review: Aesop Rock's Skelethon

By Vanessa Butler

Uber talented Aesop Rock releases a near-perfect rap album Skelethon.

It’s not like we thought this album would be bad; we just weren’t expecting it to be a near-perfect rap album. American hip-hop artist Aesop Rock’s latest album, Skelethon, just dropped and everyone, including the media, is scrambling to get a copy. Aesop sounds stronger, the beats are tighter and his rhymes are better than ever, making this one of his most accomplished efforts to date.

Seconds shy of an hour, this 15-song album flows perfectly from track to track. Touching on big issues like the death of a close friend and a failing marriage, there’s a lot of emotion and issues throughout the album. Starting with the track “Leisureforce,” with sick beats that can be attributed to Grimface Federation, Aesop sketches out a life of seclusion and leisure. At about one minute into the song we fell in love with Skelethon; its free jazz–like breakdown is perfectly placed to regroup and head back into the killer beat.

The singles “Zero Dark Thirty” and “ZZZ Top,” which features gold medal–winning Chinese martial artist Hao Zhihua in its rather badass music video, are two perfect examples as to why Aesop should have been producing his songs himself this entire time. He knows how to compliment the heavy vocabulary found in his rhymes, which makes a world of difference on this album.

Best Tracks: “ZZZ Top,” “Crows 1,” “Cycles to Gehenna”

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