Music Review: Living Things by Linkin Park

By Vanessa Butler

Twelve years after dominating the airwaves, it seems that rap-rock band Linkin Park still has what it takes the hold a crowd’s attention.

Twelve years after dominating the airwaves, it seems that rap-rock band Linkin Park still has what it takes to hold a crowd’s attention. It’s a little terrifying to think that there are people out there who deem the iconic album Hybrid Theory to be classic rock (see Buzzfeed’s roundup entitled “People Who Think ‘Classic’ Linkin Park Is Awesome” here), but since all those who felt a connection to “One Step Closer” are probably not feeling the same amount of rage they did when they were younger, it’s good to see that the music has grown with the times.

And that’s not to say that Living Things is all sunshine; this record is said to be their most intimate album yet. The band’s 10th chart-topping single “Burn It Down” showcases both Chester Bennington’s and Mike Shinoda’s never-changing voices, catchy synth and the undeniable need to dance, a feeling that is not usually synonymous with a Linkin Park song. The scruffy instrumental “Tinfoil,” which plays through into the drum track–heavy ballad “Powerless,” teeters on the fine line between the simplistic perfection one may find in a Coldplay song and the irrefutable charm the musicians of Linkin Park possess over their fans. “I’ll be Gone” is another song to note, possibly the most diverse song on the album, which explores other genres through a string arrangement by Canadian indie composer Owen Pallett.

Some may say that Linkin Park have been spending their time between albums listening to Diplo and Skrillex, but at least they’re able to incorporate current music fads into their music without losing their unique combination of hip-hop, electronica and rock. The days of self-induced teenage angst may be over, but the musical stylings of Linkin Park have grown with the times. In celebration of the album release, Linkin Park will be performing two consecutive nights on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday June 27th and Thursday June 28th, so check your local listings.

Best Tracks: “Tinfoil/Powerless”, “I’ll be Gone”, “Lies Greed Misery”

Skip These: “Roads Untraveled”


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