New Music: Coheed and Cambria, Flying Lotus and Ben Gibbard

By Staff

We round up the best three albums coming out this month including Coheed and Cambria, Flying Lotus and Ben Gibbard.

Until the Quiet Comes - Flying Lotus

Ever since we came back from Lollapalooza, we’ve been anticipating the fourth Flying Lotus studio album, Until the Quiet Comes. The album marries the past and present of music beautifully by giving a heartfelt nod to Steven Ellison’s great-aunt and -uncle, Alice and John Coltrane, through keys, string harp and bass, and mixing in the 21st century techno sound fans of Flying Lotus are used to. Explained as “a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies” by Ellison himself, the album, which features guests Erykah Badu, Laura Darlington, Niki Randa, Thundercat and Thom Yorke, will certainly become the new soundtrack to your daydreams. Buy here.

Former Lives - Ben Gibbard

Known as the frontman of Death Cab for Cutie, Gibbard won’t be spreading his wings with his first solo album; he’ll be reminiscing on the past. “These songs span eight years, three relationships, living in two different places, drinking then not drinking,” he said of the dozen tracks on Former Lives. “They’re a side story, not a new chapter. In Death Cab, we’ve always been very specific,” Gibbard explained. “We record for the album and then maybe two or three more. When I’m home between records my only job is writing songs. So when I get up in the morning, what else am I gonna do?” Former Lives is out October 16th; upcoming shows can be found here.

The Afterman - Coheed and Cambria

The first half of Coheed and Cambria’s double album The Afterman, which paints the life of celebrated cosmonaut/astronomer Sirius Amory who lives in Coheed and Cambria’s mythical universe, is set to release October 9th. “With all of our older albums, my thing was always figuring out how to fit my life into the Amory Wars concept,” Claudio Sanchez said. “I knew where each one sat in terms of the story. Whereas with this one, I allowed my life — my experiences and what I was going through — to frame the concept.” The second half of the album is expected to drop in February 2013. Pre-order here.


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