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New Music: TNGHT
  • July 31, 2012 : 11:07
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If you want to hear what rap will sound like in the future, you should be listening to the new underground collaboration called TNGHT. Hailing from two major music hotspots, Montreal and Glasgow, Hudson Mohawke (26) and Lunice (23) decided to meld their unique talents, which made perfect sense as the two producers have been respectively creating out of control, off the wall hip-hop beats and remixes for years.

Coming in at 16 minutes, the self-titled EP is jam packed with beats that traffic in subwoofer-destroying bass, bells, horns, shattering glass, eight-bit bleeps, claps, robotic choruses and chants, which all result in an irresistible need to move. It may just be an EP, but with two strong production styles, it’s clear that Mohawke and Lunice are able to set aside any egos they may have in the production room to create something extraordinary. The track we went back to again and again was “Higher Ground,” which not only pushed their producer talent to the front, but also honed in on the inventive vision these two must have shared in the booth while creating the album.

The producers that make up TNGHT may be young, but they are already working with huge names in the industry. Lunice has worked with Diplo and has been putting remixes out on prominent labels, including Sony, Warner, XL Recordings and more. Mohawke recently coproduced up-and-comer Azealia Banks’ track “Jumanji” and also produced a track for Kanye West’s movie, Cruel Summer. We anticipate their remixes and tracks will be whipping dance floors into frenzies for years to come and TNGHT is only the beginning.

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