Play-By-Playmate: Jaime's Hot New NFL Gallery

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime celebrates the news that the NFL lockout is over, and she shares some new NFL pics!

For me, the anticipation for the end of the NFL lockout felt exactly like the week before Christmas—you just knew that the big day was right around the corner. And when the lockout does end, which is expected to happen any moment now, it really will be like Christmas in July.

Last month, I plead my case as to why the NFL needs to get a new collective bargaining agreement in place so no games are missed. Not sure if all parties involved got the memo, but there’s been great progress.

Launch Gallery

Right now, my heart is pounding and I’m smiling like a freakin’ fool. So I’m excited for the entire league to get back to work, but I’m also looking forward to seeing how the free agent market is going to shape up and whether all the rookie contracts will get taken care of in ample time. And I’m especially excited to see what’s going to happen with my team, the Miami Dolphins, and what my direct rivals will do in the Jets and Patriots. I’m in straight football mode.

I’m a huge fan of training camp, too. When I was a cheerleader for the Dolphins, our facility was at the same place where the Dolphins practiced, so we would walk into our facility during July and August when the team’s two-a-days were going on. To this day, I could close my eyes and still smell and feel that heat and humidity and grass in South Florida. I could smell that sweaty offensive lineman and I love that smell. It gets my gut slut hormones flowing when I smell an offensive lineman sweating in Miami heat in August!

But as much as I love training camp, I do not care for preseason. The preseason is actually annoying because those games don’t mean anything. I understand they need the practice and they’re making cuts, but I feel that there’s too many of them. So I just don’t have patience with preseason games.

But again, Christmas has appeared to come early for me and the countless number of NFL fans across the world. So now that the end of the NFL lockout is in sight, I’m going to give you as promised nine unpublished pictures from my NFL photo shoot a season ago. For the 10th photo, go to Jimmy Traina’s “Hot Clicks” blog at You can follow Jimmy on Twitter at @JimmyTraina.


The wins just keep on coming. I took down a giant in the fantasy sports world this past week by defeating ESPN Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry, which means he gets to take me to a live sporting event of my choice. Of course, I’m going to take my time with this and make sure he takes me to a good one.

I’m switching it up this week though, as I’ll be going against one of my Twitter followers. Kevin was the first person to Tweet me the exact years I was a Dolphins cheerleader (1999-2003, 2005-06) and send a picture of me in uniform. My picks for this week are Lance Berkman, Robinson Cano and Evan Longoria. Kevin has Dustin Pedroia, Mark Teixeira and Albert Pujols. Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @JaimeEdmondson.


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