Number One Bunny

By Aranya Tomseth

The star of NBC's new drama The Playboy Club, Laura Benanti slips into character for the cover of our October issue.

Laura Benanti is one tough Bunny Mother. The Tony Award–winning actress has long been a Broadway darling, but this fall she shines on the new prime-time drama The ­Playboy Clubas Carol-Lynne—the shrewd and enterprising original ­Playboy Bunny at the Chicago club in 1961, who fights for a managerial position when she is pushed aside for younger newcomers such as Bunny Maureen (Amber Heard).

“There’s a major love triangle between me, Maureen and Nick [Eddie Cibrian],” Laura divulges. “My character says a lot of sassy, snappy things, because let’s face it, she’s a bit of an undercover bitch.” To prepare for her role as “unwitting feminist” Carol-Lynne, Laura did her research. “I was intrigued to discover how much the girls loved working at the club and what a progressive person Hef was,” she says. Another pleasant surprise? Her Bunny costume. “I was nervous about putting it on, but it’s sexy and adorable and somehow makes every woman look ­beautiful. It’s kind of awesome.”


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