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On The Road with Breathe Carolina (Week Three)
  • August 13, 2012 : 16:08
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We’re back on the road with Breathe Carolina, living a life of luxury in the band’s home away from home, the always infamous tour bus.

How many rock star stories start with “so me and this chick were just hanging out in the bus...”? More than we care to count. The bus is the be-all and end-all for rock-stardom. It’s a living, breathing part of being a band. And brings you inside where few have gone before with this exclusive video. Check it out below.

Wanna get in on all of Breathe Carolina’s misadventures? Get tickets to be a part of the next madness here or check out the raucous rock-star lifestyle on the band’s Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more footage from Breathe Carolina, coming out every Monday exclusively on And in case you missed it, here is Part One and Part Two.

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  • Anonymous
    tightest band out right now...Know this...maannn
  • Anonymous
    so in the beginning kyle has on the hat i gave him n i have the blue shirt he has on