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On The Road with Breathe Carolina (Week Four)
  • August 29, 2012 : 09:08
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We’ve shown you what life is like on the road for crunkcore rockers Breathe Carolina; we’ve been backstage, behind the scenes, in the bus. Hell, we’ve even been bowling with the band as they travel across the country on the Vans Warped Tour.

What we haven’t seen is what it’s like once the lights go up and these guys take center stage. The atmosphere is electric, the audience is alive. It’s an all-out party once Breathe Carolina picks up the mic, and no further evidence is needed than the below video highlighting some of band’s best shows of the tour. Check it out and get in on the action here, or check out the raucous rock-star lifestyle on the band’s Facebook page.

In case you missed the first half of the tour videos, check ’em out here: Part One, Part Two and Part Three

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    David! Your Songs r awesume ....LUV ur songs!!!!!!!!!