Pilar and Playboy Golf

By Pilar Lastra

Wish you had the chance to play golf with Playmate Pilar Lastra, 20 Playmates and 300 Girls of Golf? Now you do.

People often ask me what it is about the Playboy Golf Finals that make me clear my schedule and cut my world travels short, just so I won’t miss a moment of the four day event. My answer is simple; every year the finals keep getting better. Just when I think I had so much fun that nothing could top my experience, Playboy Golf teams up with another amazing sponsor and somehow manages to outdo the experience I had the previous year. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this year’s partnership with Macanudo and West Coast Chill has in store for us. Whatever is up their sleeves, I can guarantee everyone will have a great time!

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No matter what your level of handicap is, this is golfing at a whole new level.  Everyone comes together in a great atmosphere to make new friends and unforgettable memories. I’ve seen golfers entertain clients at the finals or celebrate a 40th birthday; it’s only a matter of time before people start having their bachelor or bachelorette party at the finals weekend. That is how much fun they are. Golfers have told me they’ve played courses on the Playboy Golf tour, but until they played it during the tournament they had no idea how fun golfing could be. Maybe it’s the Macanudo lounge on the golf courses, or the DJ’s keeping the energy alive. Or maybe it’s the 300 Girls of Golf and 20 Playmates on the course that have something to do with what golfers call their ‘creatively fun experience,’ but what I do know is golfing with Playboy is better than golfing with Tiger Woods. Not that I have ever golfed with Tiger Woods, but just the thought sounds boring when you compare it to golfing with Playboy…the definition of fun.

The weekend takes golfers into the coveted gates of the Playboy mansion not once, but twice during the finals. The event is kicked off Thursday afternoon with a Tee party at the Playboy Mansion and golfers will find themselves there again Saturday night for the famous pajama and lingerie party where golfers receive their awards, and experience a party they will never forget. This party is seriously my favorite one thrown at the mansion. Hef knows how to throw a party, but the difference between a Playboy Golf party and any other party at the mansion is that all the athletes, celebrities, and Playmates are so friendly, fun and approachable. Golfers have no idea when they’ll be playing or partying with their favorite athlete. I will never forget when a group of three guys from Dallas were playing in the finals. Needing a 4th player, Playboy Golf filled the spot with Dallas Cowboys’ superstar cornerback Terence Newman. The four had such a great time that they actually developed an ongoing relationship! It was awesome they came back the next year just to see T. New!

The Finals have made so many memories, for not only me, but so many people. Heck, Kendra met Hank Basket at the event. Whatever your idea of fun is, the Playboy Golf finals will raise the bar to the next level. Whatever your idea of a good time is Playboy Golf will show what it’s like to have a great time. Whatever your idea of golf is… well, Playboy Golf will just make every other golf outing seem boring.

I’m leaving Cuba early this year to make the Tee Party on time and I’m looking forward to seeing not only all the golfers I have gotten to know throughout the years, but sharing new memories with new faces.

XOXO ~ Pilar

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The Playboy Golf Tour Finals run March 28th – April 1st.  Even if you’re not a golfer, don’t miss out on all the fun. Check out the Party Packages on PlayboyGolf.com.

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