Play-By-Playmate: A Playmate's Podium

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime recaps the Olympics with her inaugural Playmate Podium. See which athletes and events earned a spot on the most prestigious of podiums.

Some people have been asking me about an Olympic blog and I’ve been telling them “no sweat.” The Olympics just started; I’ve got lots of time to get to an Olympic blog. And then BOOM. Olympics over. Kaput. Closing Ceremonies. Done.

It’s amazing. It feels like they just started and already we’re counting up the medals. It seemed so short for us sitting at home, but imagine how it was for the athletes. They train for four years, and in some cases in 10 seconds it’s over. Literally. All but one man ran the 100 meter in less than 10 seconds. Four years all tied up in 10 seconds. It’s incredible.

But now that it is over I’d like to congratulate all the athletes — not just the winners — who have captivated us over the last two weeks and give a big shout-out to Team USA, bringing home not only the most medals but the most gold medals. And I’d like to thank David Beckham for being an absolute hunk. Total babe.

But special congratulations go out to the following four athletes; for me they really went above and beyond at these Olympics for various reasons. So, without further ado, my Playmate Podium:

Bronze: Usain Bolt

At 6’5”, Bolt is not supposed to be able to run as fast as he does. Running is for short people. Or at least it was until he showed up and started doing things differently. He won gold in the 100 meter, the 200 meter and the 4x100 relay, becoming the only Olympian to accomplish such a feat in back-to-back Olympics. He is literally the fastest man in the history of fast men. In his own words he is “a living legend” and we should all “bask in his glory.” Fair enough. He walked the walk (ran the run?), he can talk the talk.

Silver: Gabby Douglas

The flying squirrel! Gabby Douglas earned my second spot on the podium for her amazing effort in the all-around, becoming the first African-American female to win the event. She’s gonna be on a Wheaties box, for goodness’ sake! Do you know who’s on Wheaties boxes? The best athletes in the world, that’s who. She’s definitely in good company and inspired a generation of young girls to get into gymnastics.

Gold: Michael Phelps

Who else? Phelps says he’s done. He’s hanging up the trunks. He’s tired of the six A.M. wake-up calls to jump in a cold pool, and who can blame him? I would be done too if that’s what it required. But Phelps finishes as the most medalled athlete in Olympic history after earning six more in London, bringing his grand total to 22, including 18 golds.

Honorable Mention: Oscar Pistorius

Honestly, this might be the best story to come out of the Games. Pistorius is a South African sprinter and double below-the-knee amputee who not only qualified for the 400 m but made it to the semifinals. His best time actually would have qualified him for the finals, but unfortunately, no such luck. Still, this is absolutely inspiring, another barrier broken in London and a story you can’t help but love.

So that’s my podium; hopefully we’ll be able to do this again in another four years.

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