Play-By-Playmate: Around The Horn

By Jaime Edmondson

Daytime drama is not Jaime's thing. Now sports drama, that's more like it.

They say no press is bad press and for a sports fan like me, that’s true. The news might be bad for one particular team or player but hearing about it on the front page is always good for me. Always.

I’ve never been one for daytime dramas. The Young and the Restless usually just makes me restless. I get my gossip kicks from sports news instead. I figure why follow made up characters on TV when the characters in real life are so much better. Sure, there are slow weeks, but this was definitely not one of them. Oh no. This week, as far as sports drama goes, was unmatched. It was unrivaled. For a week when football was supposed to be on the shelf it sure took more than its fair share of headlines so let’s get to it with an update on…

PandaWatch…I mean PeytonWatch:

So Peyton’s a Bronco and Tebow’s a Jet. What surprised me about this whole ordeal was how much say Tebow got in his trade. Jacksonville was offering them more money and a higher draft pick for his rights but he wanted to play in New York and so New York is where he’ll play.

That’s pretty rare. Unless a player is a superstar with a full no-trade clause and allowed to kibosh any deal, they usually go where they’re told. Not Tim Tebow though. Tim Tebow does what he wants.

I really can’t figure this out. Do the Broncos feel so bad about how this went down that they let Tebow dictate his terms? I mean the guy did win them more than a few games last season and is maybe the only reason they went to the playoffs. Maybe they felt they owed him that? Maybe Tebow is just a really nice guy and they felt bad for him.

What’s more surprising is that Tebow chose to play in New York over his home team Jags. Well, I’ve only got one thing to say to that Tim: If you thought the pressure playing for the home team would be too much, good luck with Page 6. They rip everyone. They rip Jeter and they love Jeter.  A few of your downfield-to-no-one passes will not go over well.


Didn’t I say the hammer would drop on the Saints? This is Roger Goodell’s pageant and his platform is player safety. But the fines are not what hurt them. Even losing two second round draft picks is not that bad. What’s most painful for the Saints is the loss of their head coach, their assistant coach and the defensive coordinator for the season. That pretty much wipes the coaching staff out and now they’re talking about hiring Bill Parcells out of retirement to take the reins for the year.

Well, let me tell you something about Bill Parcells. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him (which probably would not be very far). Bill Parcells is a coach known for winning and loving every minute of it. If you get him back on the field, coaching a team as capable as the Saints, Bill Parcells might not want to leave. Bill Parcells might like winning and he might want to stay. And if Bill Parcells wins, the Saints front office might just want to keep him. How’s that for daytime drama!

Eye of the Tiger:

And one final note congratulating Tiger Woods on his first win in 923 days and 26 tour events. Tiger says it is his second win, but I think we all know the World Tour doesn’t count. As split as everyone is on Tiger, he did win convincingly, so convincingly that he shifted the Vegas lines overnight and is now a favorite to win the Masters. That seems like a awfully big stretch. I don’t think I’ll be betting any money on Tiger winning another green jacket. 


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