Play-By-Playmate: Around The Horn

By Jaime Edmondson

Another big weekend in sports is behind us and Jaime has a recap of all the action.

Another big weekend in sports! With so much going on I don’t even know where to begin. And with that, here’s the latest  “Play-By-Playmate ‘Round The Horn.”

Braun Over Brains

First off, I was pretty surprised to see Ryan Braun win his appeal. Baseball won’t even overturn a bad base-running call so for them to overturn a 50 game suspension for banned substances is really something. Secondly, where does baseball go from here? This is obviously a huge “win” from where the Brewers are standing but I’m not so sure I’m ready to call it that just yet. He didn’t really win. He convinced someone that some guy couldn’t get to Fed Ex on time. Or wait, no. He convinced someone that a criminal mastermind has been waiting his whole life to personally tamper with a urine sample. That a pee collector somehow finagled his way past all the protective seals and procedures and replaced Ryan Braun’s sample with a dirty dose of urine. Ya, right.

No offense to Ryan Braun fans out there, but I think it’s more likely that Ryan Braun failed a drug test than a massive pee conspiracy is afoot. Granted this COULD have happened, it probably didn’t but it will be interesting to watch how MLB plays their cards the next time this happens with a big name player.

No Left Turn

I was ready to sit down and watch some NASCAR yesterday. Seriously. Sunday afternoon, no football. It seemed like the perfect thing to do but NASCAR never happened. For the first time in 56 years the Daytona 500 was postponed until today, when I’ll be on a plane and unable to watch. This isn’t the worst thing for NASCAR though. It’s bad for the fans who sat out waiting all day in the rain yesterday (sorry guys) but NASCAR is getting a prime time seven o’clock spot on Monday. It’s the perfect chance for them to make more history after last year’s epic finish by rookie Trevor Bayne and of course this year’s first ever rain out. Good luck guys.


RGIII might just become RGII after his impressive combine performance over the weekend, which is bad news for me and my Dolphins. A few months ago we had a real shot at the Heisman winner but over the last few games of the college season, it looks like Griffin will be going second overall in the draft behind Andrew Luck. That means the Dolphins will have to make some moves to get him and if history has taught me anything it’s that the Dolphins always disappoint me on draft day. With any luck we’ll get OT Riley Reiff from Iowa to protect…well, nobody. Oh, and for the record, I’m opposed to Manning in Miami. We need a permanent quarterback solution. No one even knows if Manning can throw.

The Stars Align

And finally we saw two types of stars come out last night for the Oscars and NBA All-Star Game. The one thing I love about the NBA game is that the players come to play. A lot of people hate on the Pro Bowl because it’s a lot like flag football, but come on, these guys are 300 pounds of awesomeness. If they played all out they’d risk serious injury. I’m not saying basketball isn’t a physical sport (Kobe did break his nose last night) but it’s a different game and because of that the players can come out and give it their all. Like Kobe who broke three All-Star scoring records including his Airness’ to take the top spot or Dwayne Wade who posted a triple-double. I don’t think Kobe’s record will stand for very long with Kevin Durant and LeBron James hot on his heels but it was good to see him get there. He’s earned it.


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