Play-By-Playmate: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime takes her talents to South Beach for the Dolphins/Redskins game.

I had mixed emotions when I was boarding the plane to Miami to see my first Dolphins home game of the season. I had this feeling like I was stuck in between a rock and hard place.

Being three time zones removed from Miami it was hard watching my Dolphins fall to 1-7 but something inside of me was sort of happy to see them at the bottom of AFC. I know some people will rip me as a fan for saying this but something was telling me it was time to lose, time to go for broke and get a good slot in next year’s draft. I was on the bandwagon and looking to the future for the next face of the franchise. I totally saw the value in Suck for Luck.

For those of you who don’t know, Andrew Luck is a junior quarterback out of Stanford who is a sure bet to go first in next year’s draft. He is the kind of player you not only build a team around but a contender, an empire! We drafted a pretty good center in Mike Pouncey last year but those snaps need to go to someone who can handle the ball on offense and Luck’s 70.6 pass percentage and 29 TDs through ten games this season say he’s our man.

Now to be clear, I was not rolling over. If we had been anywhere close to contending this year I would cheering harder than ever, but clawing back from 1-7 is no easy feat and we were much closer to the bottom then the top. I was only thinking of the good of a team whose fans have not really had anyone to stand behind since the end of the Marino era over a decade ago.

Then I got to the game and everything changed.

I was invited to host at Liv, a full-on legit fist-pumping nightclub inside Sun Life Stadium. Complete with TVs, seats looking out onto the field and on this particular Sunday, my Playmate girl-crush DJ Summer Altice, Liv is a rocking good time on game day and a perfect place to watch the Dolphins play.

But for me, it was the icing on the cake. Just walking into the stadium gave me the chills, turning me from the cold hard calculating couch-coach I had become back into the Dolphins number one fan. I was not even thinking about Andrew Luck. I had completely forgotten about their 1-7 record. The only thing I could focus on was the game, series-by-series, down-by-down. I thought I had sealed my heart and washed my hands of the Dolphins but here I was, completely consumed by getting the W today and not for a second thinking about tomorrow.

I guess that is all part of being a fan. We always want what is best for our teams at any particular moment. And if that moment happens to be in the middle of a game, well, we just want them to win. So thanks for winning Dolphins (Two in a row!) Bring on the Bills. And thanks to Liv Sun Life and the always gorgeous Summer Altice. Check them both out of twitter at @livnightclub and @summeraltice.

To purchase your tickets to LIV Sun Life for a future Miami Dolphins football game or special event, please contact Cristian LaCapra at or (305) 943-6742.


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