Play-By-Playmate: Born to be Wild

By Jaime Edmondson

This week Jaime Edmondson talks Key Club and how she got into going fast.

What’s sexier than motorcycles, girls, girls who dig motorcycles and partying with girls who dig motorcycles at the Super Bowl?

If you answered nothing (which I’m sure you did) this post is for you and I’m your girl.

If you’ve been around the site recently you’ve probably noticed the Playboy and Harley Davidson Key Club, a free-to-signup website with a sweepstakes that could send you to the Super Bowl to party with me. This is one of those once in a lifetime type deals and it’s free to enter. No string attached. All you do is sign up for the Key Club in two seconds, check out some awesome galleries of me and three other girls as we learn to ride, and enter then to win a chance to join us for the big game in Indianapolis. C’mon guys: how can you say no to that? You can’t. Go sign up.

Now, I’ve always been interested in the Super Bowl but the same cannot be said for motorcycles.

As much as I love my Harley now, I never had an interest in them before. In fact, growing up I used to think the noise of them starting bordered on obnoxious. Then about a year ago the beautiful Heather Rae and I went down to AMA races in Salt Lake City to do a calendar shoot and everything changed.

We were shooting with every bike down in the pit before the race. Wearing little more than a bikini and surrounded by all the bikes and racers, I have to admit I got a little excited. It was a totally new experience and the atmosphere was definitely intense. I was starting to come around.

Then the bikes started up and all at once I was like “Woah!” The sound was exhilarating. They took off and it woke a speed demon inside of me I didn’t even know was there. All of a sudden I was like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights: I wanted to go fast!

I was hooked. The sound, the speed, everything. I knew I wanted to experience that. I needed to experience it.

So I did.

Heather Rae and I, having never ridden the big bikes before, got down and dirty in Charlotte learning to ride dirt bikes in hopes of getting our licenses and pacifying that speed addiction. I loved it but with everything going on with Playboy I never got the chance to actually get my license after the ride. Then Harley-Davidson came along with plans to bring together two of the world’s most iconic brands through the Key Club and I got to take Harley’s Rider’s Edge course.

The demon returned. I had forgotten the thrill of the ride. Those first moments on the bike brought back all the excitement and exhilaration of being back in Charlotte and Salt Lake City. All I could hear was Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild.” It definitely got my motor runnin’ and I immediately went out after taking the course, got my license and now own my very own Nat Black Harley Street Bob.

Needless to say, I no longer find the noise obnoxious.

If you want to see more videos and galleries of Jaime or find out more about the Key Club, click here.


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