Play-By-Playmate: Haters Gonna Hate

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime professes her love for Notre Dame and deep-seated hatred for Nick Saban, who she suspects sold his soul to the devil.

Guess who is playing for college football’s crown jewel? NOTRE DAME! The old Fighting Irish.

Now I’m no Indiana girl, but I’ve got a soft spot for the Irish. Some people say they’re snobbish. They say, “Hey, why do the Irish get their own national TV deal? Why do they get to play in their own independent conference? Why are the Irish considered closer to heaven than the rest of us?”

You know what I say to that? Haters gonna hate. The Fighting Irish have fought for what they have and they’ve got the distinctions to prove it. No school has more recognized national championships than Notre Dame (13). No team has more consensus All-Americans (96), and no school has produced more Heisman players (7). Seriously, the Irish are a model of sporting excellence. 

But they also do academics and haven’t been brought down by any sanctions or scandals. Nothing like USC or Miami or Boise. No slaps on the wrist and no deals with the devil.

Which brings me to my next point: The Alabama Crimson Tide. If it wasn’t for Saban I might be Roll Tiding around, but come on…this guy has to have sold his soul somewhere down in Georgia to a guy with a golden fiddle. How else can you explain his luck? They finally lose, fall to number four and look like they might be on the outside looking in, and BOOM! Undefeated Oregon and K-State both lose on the same day and Alabama is right back at number two. 

My hate for Nick Saban stems from his time with the Dolphins. I lay the blame for Miami’s current predicament squarely on his shoulders. What I’m hoping is that this weekend Saban and the Tide get what’s coming to them in Georgia, moving Florida into the other bowl game and leaving Alabama out in the cold. That’s what happens in my sweetest dreams, but the crazy BCS computers or whatever that calculate these sorts of things probably won’t let that happen. I don’t think they’re programed to allow Alabama to fall from grace like that. Not while the devil owns Nick Saban’s soul, at least.

So let’s go, Georgia. Let’s go, Florida and let’s go, Irish. Pretty much anybody but ’Bama will do, but I want to see the Irish run the table this year. It would be historic; no team has ever started the season unranked and finished as the top team. Let the haters hate; so long as the Leprechauns make sure that this leprechaun doesn’t win it all again, I’ll be happy. 


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