Play-by-Playmate: Jaime's Favorite Moments of MLB Season

By Jaime Edmondson

The streaker, DJ Kitty, Jeter's 3000th are Jaime's favorite moments from the MLB season so far.

So we’re at the halfway point of the Major League Baseball season. It’s time to reflect on some of my favorite moments. Let’s cut to the chase.

Moments I Wish I Saw In Person: The Streaker: Yankees vs. Mariners, May 28

I would have loved to see this in person. All he has on is a cap. He came out near the dugout so I would have liked to see the players’ faces. He was butt-ass naked, flaccid penis and all. He just came out of nowhere. So he got onto the field and, of course, was tackled and taken away. Then I would have liked to have the vantage point where I could see him being escorted toward the exit. Security put a towel on him and as he was close to getting off the field the towel actually fell off! So at that point I would have loved to be one of the fans in those seats. And I am very judgmental so I definitely would have judged whether he should have had the nerve or not to be running around with his penis out. You have to be pretty confident to do that in front of 30,000 people. Good thing he kept his big head warm.

David Price’s Home Run Celebration

I would’ve loved to have been at this batting practice. Some sites called this one of the best home run celebration trots in history. If I was there, I would have challenged David Price to a home run trot. I would one-up him at each base. First we would have to pretend that I made contact with the ball and it was a home run. I would have flipped the bat, then ran by my teammates and yelled, “what” as I was heading toward first base. Then I’d do a one-handed cartwheel into first. Then I would have literally  stolen second base, just picked it up and taken it with me. Then heading into third, I would have done a head-first slide because it seems harder to me than feet first. So I would have raised the difficulty level. And then as he’s running to home, I would do his forward roll but instead of a high-five I would have chest-bumped my teammates. I really want to go to a Rays’ game, see David and tell him I want to re-enact this home run trot.

Attend the Real Home Run Derby

Since I’ve been running this home run derby challenge each week I think it would have been great to go to the actual Derby and see Jose Bautista because he’s been unbelievable for me the last three weeks I’ve had him on my team. Since this year’s Derby doesn’t happen until tonight, this clip is from last year’s.

My Favorite In-Person Moments

First off, you should know that I’ve been to six different ball parks this season: Dodgers Stadium, Ballpark in Arlington, Tropicana Field, Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Yankee Stadium and Riverwalk Stadium, home to the Montgomery (Ala.) Biscuits, the AA affiliate of the Rays. So all my favorite things have come from one of these parks.

Favorite Mascot: DJ Kitty of the Tampa Bay Rays

Now, this isn’t the official mascot of the Rays, but they show videos of this cat on the big screen during games. It’s a new marketing gig for the Rays and it’s so asinine that I can’t stop laughing. He does the “Jump” song and apparently he did a Gucci Mane song, too. I love animals, especially animals doing silly stuff. It’s just stupid.

Favorite Concession: Riverwalk Stadium Biscuits

At the Montgomery Biscuits stadium, they sell piping hot homemade biscuits. They’re huge, warm and fluffy homemade biscuits. Remember, I’m a southern girl, so I love my southern cooking. I would be so fat if I lived in the South. I can’t even think about it. I want to go back just for the biscuits.

Favorite Seats: Dugout Club Seats

The seats are directly behind home plate at Dodger Stadium. It was the whole package. That game, they happened to be playing the Marlins, so people from home were texting and Tweeting me because they saw me on TV. Those seats include unlimited trips to a salad bar, carving station, pasta station, popcorn - everything was all inclusive. And as many Dodger Dogs as I could fit in my stomach.

Favorite On-Field Moment: Derek Jeter’s 3000th Hit

Lucky me, I was actually at the game he got his 3,000th career hit. I went to Thursday’s game, had tickets to Friday’s game (rain out) and went back to Yankee Stadium for Saturday’s game against the Rays. It’s funny because I’m not even a Yankees fan or a Jeter fan. But obviously I can appreciate history. The energy in the stadium was frenzied.

Favorite Drink:The Cowboy Boot Cup at the Ballpark in Arlington

It wasn’t so much about what was in the cup, it was the fact that I drank out of that obnoxious cowboy boot. As soon as I saw someone else with it, I looked at my friend Lauren Anderson and said I had to have one of those. I know everything’s bigger in Texas, so of course they have giant plastic cowboy boots you can drink out of. I was willing to pay $10.

Home Run Derby: On Hiatus

With a short week of baseball ahead because of the All-Star break, there will be no Home Run Derby this week. If you were following last week’s competition then you saw that my three sluggers opened up a can on sports broadcaster Molly Sullivan’s team! Whenever we get together at the Playboy Club in Vegas, Molly’s home base, @mollyesullivan, she’ll have to wear a sports jersey of my choice. Next week’s challenger might be my toughest one yet. Please welcome ESPN Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry, who you can follow on Twitter at @MatthewBerryTMR.


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