Play-By-Playmate: Hooters and Hoops

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime's talking about the NBA tip-off, Tampa and another wild weekend in sports

Just to give you an idea of what kind of weekend it was in sports, let me share a story with you.

I was out and about in Tampa looking for a place to watch the Rays game. I figured, being in Tampa, this would be easy. Easier than easy. I thought it would be almost impossible to not watch the Tampa Bay Rays game in Tampa Bay. 

The first place I went was showing hockey. Fine, I thought, it is the playoffs after all. The second place was showing basketball, also in playoff mode, also not showing the Rays game. The third place was showing the NFL draft on EVERY TV! I thought, “Ok, that’s a little ridiculous,” but the fourth place was showing boxing! BOXING! Four places and not one of them showing the Rays game. I finally found my way to a Hooters where on one TV tucked away in the corner the Rays game was on. One TV! In the corner! I must have set a new record for being unable to find the home team’s game in the home team’s town.  You know we’re in the middle of a full-blown Sportsgasm when you have to go all the way to a Hooters to find what you want to watch. 

Not that I am complaining. The more sports the merrier! I just couldn’t believe it took four bars and a Hooters to finally see some baseball. 

But that also means we have our pick of the litter this week when it comes to which sport we’re going to talk about. And spinning my big wheel of sports (I don’t actually have a big wheel of sports, though as of right now I’m considering buying one) we land 

The Eastern Conference

Almost immediately after Derrick Rose fell and was carried off the court, the Vegas odds for winning the East shifted dramatically. ACL must be the most feared acronym in all of sports and Rose’s is officially torn. 

That means the East is the Heat’s to lose. The Celtics are too old (and without Rondo after his little show of bravado). Orlando doesn’t have Dwight Howard and no other team has the type of talent Miami has assembled. Even the Knicks, who have a solid big three, lost to the Heat by 30 points in Game One. Miami’s only real roadblock would have been Chicago, so the pressure is definitely on now. LeBron can’t afford another ringless season. 

The Western Conference

It’s a little different out West. It’s wide open. One through Eight, these teams are pretty balanced, but I think the top teams are favored (or else they wouldn’t be the top teams!). With the exception of Memphis, I’ve got the Lakers, the Spurs and the Thunder moving on. The only reason I don’t have the Grizzlies going to the second round is because I want to witness the drama that will unfold if the Clippers and Lakers meet up in the second round. The Clippers have been the red-haired stepchild of LA forever and it’s about time they showed big brother what basketball is all about. 



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