Play-By-Playmate: Jaime Hits The Links

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime just got back from one of her favorite weekends: The Playboy Golf Finals in L.A.

They say the Masters is the crème de la crème of golfing events but I’m going to have to politely disagree. Sure, winning the green jacket is impressive and all but wouldn’t you much rather be playing for a smoking jacket? Or at least for a chance to party with the man who wears one?

Well gentleman, dream no further. I just returned from a four day blowout at the Mansion, a weekend long party that happens every year around this time to conclude the glorious Playboy Golf season.

Honestly, aside from maybe the Super Bowl party, this is my favorite Playboy event. It’s hard to beat a wonderful weekend outdoors but the people at Playboy Golf really pull out all the stops. I’m talking about a DJ at every hole and adult beverages aka watering holes every three or four. And the scenery! If you think golfing on a golden afternoon is nice, try it with 20 or so Playboy bunnies hopping from hole to hole and about 300 Playboy Golf girls showing off their swings. Yep, this is golf at its finest.

And that’s all while the sun is up.

At night things get serious. This year they hosted a casino themed party at the Hilton and I won’t name names but a certain tight end with a penchant for dancing made quite an extravagant entrance. It was like something out of Soul Train or a LMFAO video. It was in a word, badass.

Saturday night’s even better with the world famous lingerie and pajama party hosted at the Mansion. Seriously guys, if your bucket list includes partying at the mansion, this is the one you want to be at. I won’t guarantee that there are pillow fights and all that but I won’t tell you that there aren’t.

And now for the best part. You don’t even have to be a golfer to attend. Last year I caddied for a NFL kicker Shayne Graham who didn’t even bring his clubs to the course. He just drove hole to hole with me taking it all in and having a good time (he returned this year to win the best dressed award).

And he wasn’t the only athlete in attendance. I got to brush shoulders with Reggie Bush and Richie Incognito (who for the record is massive and anything but incognito). Seriously, all these guys are just wandering around, enjoying the great outdoors. There not locked up in a secret VIP cage, they are right there, larger than life and likely looking to kick your ass on the course.

So here’s the deal boys. Not everyone gets a shot to play at the Masters but everyone has a shot to play at Playboy Golf and I want to see all of you there next year. The new season starts in May and they tour the country (and Canada too!) hosting events and all you need to do is grab three friends, practice your swings and sign up for a spot near you. You can check them all out at and I strongly suggest you do. 

Photos courtesy Playboy Golf. 


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