Play-By-Playmate: Jaime's All Pro Playmate Picks

By Jaime Edmondson

With another Pro Bowl in the books, Jaime has some roster revisions she would like to have seen made.

I always loved Pro Bowl weekend because it was a chance for me to get leid in front of 75,000 people.

No boys, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

As a cheerleader for the Dolphins we always held a secret vote among the girls for who among us would be going to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. The winner would then have a Hawaiian lei placed around their neck during a game in December and in 2007 that lucky girl was me! I got leid in front of everyone in Miami and it really meant a lot because I had a great time and felt the other girls really wanted me to be there.

Now I know sometimes the Pro Bowl can be a full-on flag football show that maybe doesn’t represent the full intensity of the game but as a former ‘Fin, I was pumped up to see Brandon Marshall win the MVP with 4 TDs and 176 yards. Numbers can always be a little inflated in the Pro Bowl but that is pretty damn impressive.

I guess my only real beef with the Pro Bowl this year was that I wasn’t invited to be part of the selection committee. I mean, I was waiting for the call and it never came. I don’t know if they lost my number or were just intimidated to be in the presence of a true Pro Bowler, but I was a little taken aback. I know they’re a little late but here are my picks for my All Pro team, the All-Pro Playmate picks if you will.

QB: Aaron Rodgers (4,643 YDS, 45 TDs, 6 INTs, 122.5 Rating)

There is no one in the game as good as this guy is right now. No one. Week in and week out all season Rodgers was the best player on the field. I mean, I’m taking him and his monster numbers over a few good running backs in my fantasy draft next year.

WR: Calvin Johnson (96 REC, 1,681 YDS, 16 TDs), Wes Welker (122 REC, 1,569 YDS, 9 TDs)

These two guys are two very different physical specimens. Welker is about 5’8” on a good day but he’s like a little pit bull in short yardage and a huge red zone target. Johnson on the other hand is as tall as the day is long and just towers over everyone in the end zone. When he goes up, he’s definitely coming down with the ball and let’s face it, you don’t get named after a transformer if you aren’t ten feet tall.

TE: Rob Gronkowski (90 REC, 1,327 YDS, 17 TDs)

I know, I know, my second Patriot in as many picks. But c’mon. Gronk? GRONK! He put up wide receiver type numbers this year and was just fierce by the end of the season. I mean Tom Brady has some many options this year it was surprising to see one get so much play, but Gronk was so good they made their other TE Aaron Hernandez a running back.

RB: Arian Foster (278 ATT, 1,224 YDS, 10 TDs)

This position really got depleted by injury fast so I’m going to go with one of the guys who was still standing by end of it, Arian Foster. He put up some solid numbers and only managed to miss a few games, which is pretty significant stuff considering the position.

K: David Akers (44 FGM, 85 PCT, 55 LNG)

I would pretty much take anyone here except Billy Cundiff. He pretty much blew that game for the Ravens and drew the ire of everyone who hates the Patriots which I in my own little world is everyone.

Defensive Line: Jared Allen, Haloti Ngata

Any man who can comfortably walk out around in jorts and still manage to be the most terrifying thing on a football field just gets to go to my Pro Bowl. Allen also had 22.0 sacks this season and the combination of jorts confidence and athletic ability makes him my kind of man. As for Ngata, I felt someone from the Ravens defense had to be represented. Ngata won.

As for my Super Bowl pick, I’m betting with my heart. I said from day one the only team I did not want to see in the Super Bowl were the Patriots, now they’re there and I’m picking the G-Men.


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