Play-By-Playmate: Jaime's Fantasy Football Part Two

By Jaime Edmondson

Last week Jaime covered quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends. This week, it's running backs, kickers and the league's best defenses.

Before we jump headfirst into part two of my fantasy football outlook (you can see part one here), I’d like to bring to everybody’s attention a very serious problem, a problem that every fantasy football nerd faces with the start of a new season: We are a week away from my fantasy football draft and I am without a fantasy football name.

I’ve seen some good ones: Corn on the Schaub, Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe, Forte Yard Dash, Henne Given Sunday, but my favorite so far is Gronk if You’re Horny.

I know; classy, right? I’m that kind of girl. But I’m still not sold. I feel like there is a name out there for me, and I suffer from a serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). If I take a good name and a great one comes along, I’ll be kicking myself all season (no pun intended…no punt intended? There’s another one for you).

So I’m open to suggestions. If you’ve got a good fantasy football name, let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter. But now, on to my ultra-secret cheat sheet for running backs, kickers and defenses. Remember: this is my dream team. In no way do I think I’ll be able to draft all these guys (unless of course I have sorely overestimated my competition).

Running Backs

I was really torn as to which back I would take first overall if given the chance, but I finally settled on…Ray Rice. The guy can do it all. Last season he had 15 all-purpose touchdowns, was second in catches at his position and led the league in yards from scrimmage, and there is no reason to believe he won’t do it all over again this year. Basically, he’s a lock. He’s healthy, he’s talented, he catches, he runs, he does it all and he’s my number one pick for a running back.

At close second is Arian Foster. The only reason he isn’t number one is because of his injury history, but even after missing four games last season he still finished fourth in fantasy points for running backs. If he plays a full season this year, he’ll probably be number one overall in points.

Sleeper RB: I’m going to gamble here and use a late round pick on Mr. Rashad Jennings of the Jacksonville Jaguars. In case you haven’t noticed, MJD has yet to sign a contract, which means he’s yet to practice or play in the preseason. On top of that, MJD had a huge workload last year and that always comes associated with injuries, so Jennings might be a good guy to have kicking around on your bench mid-season (or earlier if the Jags can’t get their franchise player to sign a contract).


I started doing research on kickers…then I started laughing. Seriously; in my notes, beside kickers it just reads “HAHAHAHAHAHA.” That’s because kickers are total wild cards. As I said last week, wait till your last two picks to take a kicker. Their production is totally based on the production of the offense they’re tied to, but if I had to take a kicker right now, if I was being forced, I’d take David Akers for the sole reason that he absolutely killed it last year. He was head and shoulders above the rest.


The same thing applies to defenses as kickers; they come and go. Fantasy players will pick up and drop a defense based on their schedule, but there are a few that are guaranteed to be pretty good: the Steelers, the Ravens. But I’m taking the Niners’ defense for the sole reason that they were the cream of the crop last year and all 11 starters are returning. They look like a pretty solid pick to repeat as defensive champs. 


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