Play-By-Playmate: Jaime's Favorite Sports Films

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime gathered a group of friends to decide once and for all which sports movie reigns supreme.

It’s girls’ weekend in Breckenridge!

The ladies and I escaped to the hills for a bachelorette party and as per usual, I ended up talking about sports, something you guys probably never thought happened in a room full of women. Well it does and we also got to talking about some of the great movies we saw this year which got me thinking about the intersection between the two.

Turns out each one of the girls had a different opinion as to which one was their favorite so I thought a roundtable was in order to figure out why these films ranked so high on each of their lists.

Lacie - A League of Their Own and Jerry Maguire: I’ve got two. I just couldn’t decide. Very rarely does a movie come along about sports, predominantly about women, that dudes are interested in AND QUOTE! This is what makes A League of Their Own special. Tom Hanks brings such personality to his role as the reluctant manager of an all-girls baseball team that you can’t help but love him, hate him and envy him all at once. Add the fact that it is based on an actual league and even makes you consider liking Rosie O’Donnell for a few seconds and you have a really great movie you can watch again and again.

As for Jerry Maguire: Lines from the movie inspired songs, trivial pursuit questions and has one of the most iconic lines to ever hit the big screen: “Show me the money!!!” No matter what your sport, Jerry has you covered. Even that kid from Stand By Me  made a somewhat believable quarterback.

Evan - The Sandlot: I’ve loved Sandlot since I was a kid. We used to watch it over and over and recite all the lines. It’s a cool coming of age story for a kid who moves into a new neighborhood and is forced to make new friends. We all experience it at one point or another in life and I think it’s portrayed in a great way through the camaraderie of a baseball team.

Sandra - Bull Durham: A strong female character who has a passionate interest in the game as well as the players (wink, wink). Love the music and connection between sports and sex.

Jillian - Days of Thunder: Fast cars and sexy men! Love the passionate love scene with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman when he shows her how to “draft” with the sugar packets.

Kelly - For Love of the Game: Love the way Kevin Costner’s character gets into “the zone.” Mind over matter. He’s an aging baseball player but doesn’t let that deter him and at the end he realizes love is the most important thing.

Lauren - The Replacements: Loved that the “little guy” knows what is important about the game:  camaraderie, the fans and the overall love of the game, not the money and fame. Also, the strippers as cheerleaders were hysterical, distracting the other team with ass smacks and grinding. Can’t believe that worked (sarcastic shocked face)!

As for me, my favorite sports movie is Talladega Nights. Actually, it’s one of my top three movies of all time for two reasons. One: It’s totally my sense of humor and personality. I’m always dropping one-liners from the movie on people. I love it when grownups don’t act like grownups, when we can take our adult pants off for a few minutes and just have some fun. Not a single character in that movie ever behaves in a normal, reasonable adult way and I love it. Reason number two: I’m ultra-competitive. Total tunnel vision when it comes to competition and I completely agree with the “if you’re not first you’re last” mantra Ricky Bobby preaches. No one ever wants to come in second.

Now I know these aren’t the most critically acclaimed sports movies ever made. Talladega Nights didn’t take home any hardware from the Oscars or the Golden Globes, but each of them is special in their own way and part of a canon every sports nut should watch.

You know what Jaime and her friends think. Let us know which sports movies you think should make the cut in comment section below. 


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