Play-By-Playmate: Jaime's Rookie QB Rankings

By Jaime Edmondson

Week One is done and in the books and Jaime has some thoughts on the wide range of rookies who took the field for kick-off Sunday.

Goodbye MLB, Sundays no longer belong to you.

I didn’t even bother getting dressed on Sunday; why would I? I had nowhere to be. Kickoff Sunday had arrived so I settled in with a couple TVs, a computer and my PJs on and watched football all day. It. Was. Glorious. 

I did, however, take the time to make a few observations, and we’ll start with the one everyone’s talking about: the debut of the rookie QB.

We saw some of this last year, both good and bad. The good: Cam Newton and Andy Dalton. The bad: Blaine Gabbert. And the okay: Christian Ponder. But this year we’re really going full tilt with five guys under center starting in full time in the NFL, and the results on kickoff Sunday were, shall we say, mixed. 

Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson were so-so. Luck showed flashes of brilliance with 309 yards and a TD, but he also had three picks and a 51 percent completion percentage. That’s not what you would call a great debut, but Indy is obviously committed to this guy and the rebuilding process. He’ll be okay. 

Wilson, on the other hand, had 18 completions for 153 yards and a win stolen out from under him by the most unlikely of candidates, Kevin Kolb. 

But it could have been worse. You could be a Dolphins fan like me and have to deal with Ryan Tannehill for at least the next year. Who trades up to grab this guy? Why wouldn’t you just go for broke, trade up five more spots for a shot at RGIII? And then to have the whole stupid thing broadcast to the world in a reality series that focuses more on your wife than you? Here’s a reality check, Ryan Tannehill: When you’re a starting QB and an HBO documentary about football focuses on your wife more than you, you know you’re in trouble. (For the record, Tannehill threw 20 for 39, 219 yards and three INT! Three! And no touchdowns.)

UGH! Meanwhile, RGIII, henceforth known as the Best Quarterback Miami Didn’t Try to Draft, drops two TDs and 320 yards on the Saints and actually had a perfect QB rating for the entire first half. He’s the only QB since Elway to go out and win an opener on the road against a team that was perfect at home in the previous season. He hit Pierre Garçon for the longest touchdown pass the Redskins have had since 1987. Griffin wasn’t even born! He wasn’t even close to being born! UGH (again). 

But I suppose it’s not all bad. I could have been born in Cleveland and have to deal with Brandon Weeden, who finished the day with a QB rating of 5.1, 118 yards, four interceptions and no touchdowns. And somehow…SOMEHOW…the Browns only managed to lose by one point to the Eagles. Michael Vick also managed to throw four INTs, but he also held on for two TDs and that’s the difference: you can throw four picks so long as you can also score points. As a point of interest, Weeden is older than half the starting QBs in the league right now, including Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers and his three-year “veteran” backup Colt McCoy.  

In that light, Tannehill isn’t so bad. 


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