Play-By-Playmate: Killing Time With Linsanity And The NHL

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime is at a loss without football. Find out what her cure is for the off-season blues.

Way back in June I wrote my first Play-By-Playmate blog pleading with the NFL to end the lockout. I wanted football so bad and they were taking it away from me! I hardly found that fair, but in the end I got my way (I usually do) and now I can’t believe it’s over. It’s done. I got my 22 weeks and spent yesterday in complete disbelief that it was all gone. This was the first Sunday since September without football and I actually did nothing. Nadda. I didn’t tweet. I didn’t even get dressed. I just pouted and stared at the wall. I imagine a lot of football fans did. This is always a hard thing to accept.

The one thing I won’t miss about football is the wall-to-wall coverage of Tim Tebow. I think we can all admit that Tebowmania got a little out of hand. You couldn’t even watch SportsCentre without Tebow or Tebowing or Tebow Time being mentioned at least twice in one segment. I love my SportsCentre but not when it’s constantly talking about the Church of Tim Tebow. There needs to be a separation between Church and SportsCentre. I think that’s in the Constitution somewhere.

Now we’ve moved on to the next big thing, the phenomenon out of New York that is Linsanity. Now, I’ve only been subjected to this for about a week, so it’s not bothering me yet, but I’ve heard so many variations on the name Jeremy Lin. Linfatuation. Linspirational. Linderella Story. The difference here is that these names are Lincredible and so is his story.

Lin was an undrafted signing, already dropped by two teams this year and considered to be a third string point guard for the Knicks. Then in five games he’s let loose for 134 points and 40 assists, never scoring less than 20 in a night. Tebow had all the hype around him and pulled out a few minor miracles but if Jeremy Lin keeps putting up numbers like this he’s going to (thankfully) dethrone Timmy as the storyline of the year.

He might even get me into basketball again, though only as a way of biding time between now and baseball season. Pitchers and catchers are getting ready to report and until then I guess basketball will do. That and hockey. Since football stopped, I’ve been to three Tampa Bay Lightning games and I have to say, I do love watching a few rough and tumble boys beat up on each other for 60 minutes.

Basketball and hockey for a few weeks doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe I’ll even cook up a way to bring my ‘Picks in Pics’ back for the baseball season. How’s that sounds guys?

Side note: I want to thank everyone who participated in my inaugural Play-By-Playmate Fantasy Football league. We had a great year and even though I didn’t win (I blame putting too much stock in the Eagles so-called dream team) I had a great time playing with everyone. We’ll be back next year and I’m giving you fair warning now; I won’t be trading for Michael Vick prematurely. In fact I think I’ll take Aaron Rodgers with my first pick just be sure. So watch out! I’m coming to play!


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