Play-By-Playmate: March, Madness and ManningWatch

By Jaime Edmondson

One weekend down and Jaime knows why they call it March Madness. She's also got a few suggestions for the Dolphins.

I think I’ve figured out why they call it March Madness.

Watching this tournament is maddening. It’s crazy. Those first two days? It’s just non-stop madness. All basketball, all the time. A girl can’t get a break! So I downloaded an app that keeps me up to date with all the games and it pretty much took over my life.

It’s bad enough during football season. I’m always checking the scores, updating my fantasy roster, but that’s what, a couple hours every Sunday? The occasional Thursday? Nothing like this. This is all day, every day for four straight days and it isn’t even over! There is still two more maddening weeks!

That said, I’m done. My bracket is over. The ‘Noles bit the bullet last night and Duke…DUKE! They lost in the first round to a 15 seed! As I understand it, that hardly ever happens. Actually up until Thursday it had only happened four times and then it happened twice in four hours! Have I mentioned that this tournament is madness?

So Duke and FSU are gone and I had them in the finals. My bracket is busted but I’ve enjoyed watching this tournament anyway. Maybe I just love a good Cinderella story but I can’t help rooting for the underdog. Even if it means the team I pick doesn’t make it through, I can’t help it. I got goose bumps watching the VCU/Indiana game and Lehigh/Duke almost blew me out of my seat. I love a good upset. I’m a sucker for the drama.

But there is a line, a drama threshold if you will and ManningWatch has crossed it.

Oh what’s that? You haven’t heard of ManningWatch? It’s like Anchorman’s PandaWatch but for Peyton Manning. We’re now tracking his every move, snapping candid photos of him getting off the plane and waiting on the edge of our seats for him to make a decision.

Well this morning he did and he’s going to be a Bronco.

Now I know what you’re saying. “The Broncos already have a QB. They have Tim Tebow!” Well now they also have Peyton Manning which leaves a whole bunch of people in the lurch, most noticeably, Tim Tebow.

If I were the Broncos, I’d keep Tebow. Who knows how long Peyton will be able to play. Tebow has a lot of learning left to do and who better to teach him then one of the best in the business. Besides, it would keep Tebow away from the Dolphins, Tebowing away from Miami and Miami from finding yet another temporary quarterback solution.

Seriously, my Dolphins haven’t had a decent quarterback in a decade. Not since Marino and we still don’t. Maybe it will be Alex Smith? We thought it could be Peyton Manning, we’re pretty sure it won’t be Brett Favre but who knows? Maybe it will be me. Maybe I will go try out for the quarterback slot. What’d you guys think? Do you want to see me back in a Dolphins uniform?

I think I’d make a pretty good (looking) Playmate play-caller. If Stephen Ross is reading this I hope he looks me up. I might not have the stats but I’ve got the heart. I’m ready coach, put me in!

Jaime shot 60 per cent in her first weekend of March Madness and picked four major upsets: VCU, NC State and both Ohio games. She’s still got 10 teams alive in the round of sixteen. To see her full bracket check out


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