Play-By-Playmate: Around The Horn

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime thought she was daredevil until see saw Felix Baumgartner. Now she knows better. Plus her thoughts of the MLB postseason and the NFL.

So we haven’t done an “Around the Horn” in a while, and considering all the craziness happening in the world of sports, this seems like a good time to take a look around and recap the past few weeks.

Red Bull Stratos

Before I laid eyes on this video I was pretty sure I was the most hardcore person alive. I mean, I’m a “try anything once” kinda gal; when I was on The Amazing Race I got to bungee jump, 007-style, off the GoldenEye bridge, a good 720 feet in the air, and I thought I was the Adventure Queen. Then I saw Felix Baumgartner ascend 128,000 feet in his little stratosphere balloon and free fall to the earth and I gracefully conceded my title. Baumgartner is the new Adventure Queen or King or whatever. Kudos to Red Bull, too, for pushing the boundaries of extreme sports; what some of those athletes do is intense.

The MLB Postseason

By now you all know about my love of baseball, but I’ve got to be honest: I’m bored. I’m bored with these teams. No offense intended; St. Louis and San Francisco deserve to be where they are, but I feel like we’ve all seen this before. Like, we just saw this. The Cards and the Giants have each won one of the last two World Series and now they’re at it again. These playoffs started off with so much hope. They had Baltimore, Atlanta, Washington, the Athletics, lots of good underdog stories, but nope. St. Louis. San Francisco. One of them is going to the World Series.

…And they’re playing Detroit. That’s better than the Yankees, but I don’t like it. I like Detroit, but I think this will impact the Cy Young voting. I don’t care what they say: with Verlander still pitching, I think they’ll give him the Cy Young over the more deserving David Price. Out of sight, out of mind kinda thing. And that sucks.

Main Attraction: A-Rod

While we’re (sort of) on the topic of the Yankees, what’s going on with A-Rod? It seems all these rumors just came out of left field. All of a sudden A-Rod became the hottest thing around.

Well, I think it’s a conspiracy. I think the Yankees couldn’t handle losing so they leaked all kinds of stuff into the press about A-Rod so everyone would talk about him going to Miami, or him going to the Rays, or him throwing baseballs to girls in the stands. Really? You think A-Rod is the first player to try and pick up girls from the dugout?! This was all a cover-up so no one paid too close attention to the fact that the Yankees got SWEPT out of the playoffs.


Is it just me or is this the weirdest NFL season in recent memory? I mean, other than the Texans, there are no real scary-good teams. Even the Falcons, who are undefeated, seem beatable. The Patriots aren’t looking like the same team; neither are the Packers. The ’Niners look pretty good, but I don’t know. We’re almost halfway through the season and a lot of teams are still in it.

Jaime’s Fantasy Football Update

ATTENTION ALL: I, Jaime Edmondson, am currently sitting alone atop my division in Fantasy Football. My record’s not sparkling, but it’s good enough to be among the best. I get my biggest challenge of the season next week against my cross-division rival Live 2 Drew, who’s a perfect 6-0. Well, not for long…


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