Play-By-Playmate: 'Round The Horn

By Jaime Edmondson

In this week's Play-By-Playmate, Jaime looks back at the big sports week that was.

I haven’t tried this before, but with all the stories coming out of the sports world recently I felt it was time to do a little ‘round the horn and recap the week that was. So without further ado:

The Dolph-Wins

Well, my Dolphins continued their winning ways on Sunday moving to 4-8 on the season, but I haven’t lost faith in my plans for an empire. I’m not so hopeful that Miami will fall off sufficiently down the stretch to wrangle Andrew Luck in the draft and not so foolish to think they’ll make playoffs, but I’ve reevaluated my rebuilding process based on a little red-haired QB from Cincinnati. Andy Dalton is a perfect example of an under-valued, draft day QB having a great season and even challenging the number one pick (Cam Newton) for offensive rookie of the year. He gives me hope that Stephen Ross might be able to look further down the list in April and build a team around a QB like Robert Griffin from Baylor and get results similar to Dalton and the Bengals. Griffin has all the skills and flash an owner like Ross loves, so this might work. I’m wishin’ for Griffin.

The Perfect Pack

Meanwhile in opposite parts of the country, the Packers are still undefeated but the Giants gave them a run for their money on Sunday. This was the smallest margin Green Bay has won by all season and closest anyone has come to upsetting their perfection, which if you will recall New York has a habit of doing, first against the Broncos in ’98 and then the Patriots in the ‘07 Super Bowl. Now, I have nothing against the Pack. Maybe it’s Clay Matthews’ long, glorious blond locks or Aaron Rodgers’ State Farm Discount Double Check commercial but the team doesn’t annoy me the way, say, the Patriots do. I have no problem with the Packers repeating but they have to lose at least one game before seasons end because I don’t like the idea of anyone standing amid perfection with my ’72 Dolphins.

Tiger’s Ten

Tiger Woods shot a -3 on the final day of the Chevron World Challenge to land at -10 and win his first tournament in two years, three weeks and 26 tries. It’s good to see Tiger win. His philandering aside, the man is a very talented athlete who is good for the game. Except in dire circumstances, we should be able to separate professional from personal life. He’s lost a lot over the past few years in both aspects of his life, and I think it’s time we all put this behind us and hopefully this win does that for him.

More Miami Winning

I got more good news from Miami when I woke up this morning and noticed Marlins’ outfielder Logan Morrison’s tweet which simply read “Jose! Jose, Jose, Jose!” which I then began singing in the soccer-style chant. To kick off a new season, with a new stadium and new uniforms (which I regretfully add, might be the most heinous in all of sports) they’ll also have a new shortstop in Jose Reyes. The price, six years at a $106M might be a little steep, but it shows the new Marlins are ready to play with the big boys and contend in 2012. They might even be able to entice Albert Pujols which would give them a formidable top and middle of the order to back-up a strong, young rotation. Marlins fans have waited a long time to stand behind their team again and I think the owners have definitely given them a reason to coming into the 2012 season.

The Last of the Lockout

David Stern and the Players Association got NBA fans the best Christmas gift they could think of this year with a settling of the lockout and a shortened season scheduled to begin on December 25th. Fans will literally get the NBA for Christmas with staple match-ups like Celtics/Knicks, Bulls/Lakers, Magic/Thunder and Mavericks/Heat. If Miami were playing at the home game I would definitely be there on Christmas Day. As for the team that will benefit the most from a shortened season, I’d say the Bulls. Not because of their youth or MVP caliber talent, but because no other team will be able to beat their franchise record of 72 wins, because they only have 66 games to play.


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