Play-By-Playmate: 'Round the Horn

By Jaime Edmondson

From Tebow Time at Mile High to the big game on the Bayou, Jaime has you covered this week with another 'round the horn.

This has been an absolute whirlwind weekend in sports. Between NFL playoffs, College Bowl season and an MLB hot stove that just won’t stop, my head is spinning with all the news in sports. So I thought it was about time we went around the horn again and looked at some of the bigger stories that have popped up over the last week, including one involving the LA Kings and some pancake related injuries.

The Big Game

LSU and Alabama play tonight for the National Title and we couldn’t have asked for a better game. These are two great traditions, two great fan bases and two teams that are used to playing in a big game. Now, I’m not saying I don’t like me a good ole’ fashion shootout, but I’ve always said defense wins championships and Alabama has the best D in the country. That said, they’re supposed to be playing at a neutral field and I’m no geographer but I think LSU is a little closer to New Orleans than Alabama so they might have the home town crowd behind them. LSU has also played more top 25 teams this season and three in their final five games compared to Bama’s one so I think they have a little more experience coming into this. But I’m not counting Bama out. They’ll be playing for revenge and that’s a pretty sweet taste. I’ll say they upset LSU’s perfect season.

The Mighty, Mighty Marlins

Wow! Miami has upgraded everywhere this year except in the fashion department. I still maintain that they have the most heinous jerseys in sports. But we’ve made some power moves on the field. We’ve got three new all-stars in Buerhle, Bell and Reyes and we just picked up Carlos Zambrano for a bargain basement price. He definitely wore out his welcome in Chicago but I know my Marlins fans and we are going to welcome him with open arms, especially at that price. I know he’s got some anger issues, he gets emotional (let’s be honest, you boys have your time of the month too) but I think a change of scenery will be good for him and us.

Tebow Time

I’m seriously starting to think that Tebow took a trip down to Georgia and came back with a golden fiddle. Forget all this God talk. Tebow might have made a deal with the devil. I was shocked. I went three for four in my picks this weekend and was looking forward to being perfect when Tim Tebow showed up on an 80 yard drive in OT against last year’s AFC Champs. I know Big Ben and half their team was injured but I just didn’t see this coming. I really thought the Broncos buck was going to stop here. That high snap at the end? What was that!? It’s either the man upstairs still shining on Mile High or a done Denver deal with the devil. I’m standing by the rest of the picks I made last week though. As much as I hate the Patriots, I do not see Denver getting past them, deal or no deal.

The Full Stack

Listen fellas, there is nothing sexier than a guy who can hold his own and hockey players can. They are the rough and tumble type I like. There is something sexy about a guy who can go out onto the ice for 60 minutes, get smashed all around the boards and just keeping on ticking. All guys should be able to do this. Which is why I found it so surprising to read LA Kings forward Dustin Penner will be out with back spasms due to breakfast related injuries. For those of you who haven’t heard, Penner was apparently trying to eat the heaviest pancakes in the world but when he bent over to dip them in maple syrup he pulled his back, missing Saturday’s game and tonight’s. I don’t know if this is better or worse than Brian Tallet missing three months last year with a rib injury he picked up after sneezing too hard. No it’s worse. No wonder the Kings are doing so poorly this season.


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