Play-By-Playmate: The Tough Questions

By Jaime Edmondson

The replacement people pretending to be officials made an absolutely mind-blowingly bad call. What the eff is going on?

I had a whole blog planned around answering some of the tough questions around the NFL: who’s the best QB, which undefeated team looks like they could remain undefeated for a while…but that all went to shit after last night’s debacle. Debacle isn’t even the right word. There are no words to describe this. I’m in shock. We’re still gonna get to some of the tough questions, but the first one we’ve gotta ask is…

What the eff is going on?

Okay. So for those of you who live under rocks, last night in Seattle the replacement officials…no, that’s not the right word either. I don’t even want to call them officials. The replacement people pretending to be officials made an absolutely mind-blowingly bad call. Two, actually; missing both offensive pass interference (a judgment call that is often missed/not called) and a touchdown call that was actually an interception. That one? Not so hard to miss. 

The result: Game goes to Seattle, Green Bay goes to the locker room and the Twitterverse explodes in outrage. I have never seen so many people unite behind one blown call. This is a call that not only affects the outcome of a game or the standings, it affects everything. It makes fans everywhere lose a little respect for the league. How can we stand behind something like that? Over the last few weeks it’s really gotten out of hand; there have been bad calls, no calls, phantom calls. There have been fights and misplaced field position, but until now it’s never so obviously affected the outcome of a game. But last night proved that no one can trust what’s going on out there anymore. This whole season should be asterisked. ASTERISKED I SAY!

Okay…Okay. I’m calm. Now that we’ve talked about the elephant in the room, let’s look on the bright side.

Three teams are 3-0, but which one is better?

Looking at their schedules, their rosters and their games, I’d have to go with Atlanta over Houston and Arizona. The Texans have got to beat up some soft teams from Florida (not mentioning any names) and the Broncos (who I think will get better). Arizona, well, I mean, Arizona has beaten two playoff contenders in the Eagles and the Patriots, but I don’t know if they’re the best 3-0 team. Atlanta, though, they’ve carved up some pretty good teams and I think they look the most well rounded of the bunch. I’m sticking with Atlanta. 

Which team is not as good as their record?

The Philadelphia Eagles. Plain and simple. Everyone said they were a playoff team last year. Everyone said they were a playoff team this year. But they aren’t. I think we all need to face that. Michael Vick threw four interceptions in their first one-point win. He threw two and had a fumble in their second point win. And the Cardinals proved that even without the turnovers, Vick is not an elite quarterback playing on an over-hyped team. 

Which “bad” team is actually sneaky good?

The Vikes! I called this earlier this year when I told all you lovely readers to draft Kyle Rudolph in your fantasy leagues! They beat the ’Niners last week, played pretty damn well against an okay Jaguars defense in week one and lost on a Hail Mary play to the Colts in week two. I’ve got them pegged for better things. 

And finally I want to leave you all with a question. Which team are you most surprised to find with a losing record: the 0-3 Saints, the 1-2 Packers or the 1-2 Patriots? Let me know in the comments below!

Jaime’s Fantasy Update

I lost this week, and again I’m putting all the blame on my running backs, Reggie Bush and C. J. Spiller, who both left the game in the first half and never returned. But honestly, I’m too upset about real football to worry about fantasy football. Kudos to Team Car RamRod for the 20-point victory. 


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